Public Voted Categories

Most Popular Personality (Gold Logie)

  • Lisa Chappell (McLeod's Daughters)
  • Delta Goodrem (Neightbours)
  • Rove McManus (Rove Live)
  • Georgie Parker (All Saints)
  • John Wood (Blue Heelers)

Most Popular Actress

  • Bridie Carter (McLeod's Daughters)
  • Bec Cartwright (Home And Away)
  • Lisa Chappell (McLeod's Daughters)
  • Delta Goodrem (Neighbours)
  • Tammin Sursok (Home And Away)

Most Popular Actor

  • Beau Brady (Home And Away)
  • Aaron Jeffery (McLeod's Daughters)
  • Myles Pollard (McLeod's Daughters)
  • Glenn Robbins (Kath & Kim)
  • Erik Thomson (All Saints)

Most Popular TV Presenter

  • Ernie Dingo (The Great Outdoors)
  • Jamie Durie (Backyard Blitz, The Block)
  • Andrew G (Channel [v], Australian Idol)
  • David Koch (Sunrise)
  • Rove McManus (Rove [Live])

Most Popular Australian Drama Series

  • All Saints (Seven Network)
  • Blue Heelers (Seven Network)
  • Home And Away (Seven Network)
  • McLeod's Daughters (Nine Network)
  • Neighbours (Network Ten)

Most Popular Australian Program

  • All Saints (Seven Network)
  • Australian Idol (Network Ten)
  • Blue Heelers (Seven Network)
  • Home And Away (Seven Network)
  • McLeod's Daughters (Nine Network)
  • Neighbours (Network Ten)
  • Rove [Live] (Network Ten)

Most Popular New Female Talent

  • Isabel Lucas (Home And Away)
  • Simmone Jade Mackinnon (McLeod's Daughters)
  • Stephanie McIntosh (Neighbours)
  • Katrina Milosevic (Stingers)
  • Amy Mizzi (Home And Away)

Most Popular New Male Talent

  • Dr Chris Brown (Harry's Practice)
  • Daniel Frederiksen (Stingers)
  • Kip Gramblin (Home And Away)
  • Andrew O'Keefe (Deal Or No Deal)
  • Luke van Dyck (DIY Rescue, Renovation Rescue)

Most Popular Lifestyle Program

  • Backyard Blitz (Nine Network)
  • DIY Rescue (Nine Network)
  • Getaway (Nine Network)
  • The Great Outdoors (Seven Network)
  • Harry's Practice (Seven Network)

Most Popular Sports Program

  • The Cream with Roy & HG (Seven Network)
  • The Fat (ABC)
  • The Footy Show AFL (Nine Network)
  • The Footy Show NRL (Nine Network)
  • Sports Tonight (Network Ten)

Most Popular Reality Program

  • Australian Idol (Network Ten)
  • Big Brother (Network Ten)
  • The Block (Nine Network)
  • The Mole In Paradise (Seven Network)
  • RPA (Nine Network)

Most Popular Overseas Drama

  • 24 (Seven Network)
  • Alias (Seven Network)
  • The Bill (ABC)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Nine Network)
  • ER (Nine Network)

Most Popular Overseas Comedy

  • Everybody Loves Raymond (Network Ten)
  • Friends (Nine Network)
  • My Wife And Kids (Seven Network)
  • The Simpsons (Network Ten)
  • Will & Grace (Seven Network)

Most Popular Overseas TV Star

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Simon Baker
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Ray Romano
  • Kiefer Sutherland

Most Popular Light Entertainment/Comedy Program

  • Australia's Funniest Home Video Show (Nine Network)
  • Kath & Kim (ABC)
  • Merrick & Rosso Unplanned (Nine Network)
  • Rove [Live] (Network Ten)
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Nine Network)

Industry Voted Categories:

Most Outstanding Drama Series

  • All Saints (Seven Network)
  • Always Greener (Seven Network)
  • Grass Roots (ABC)
  • McLeod's Daughters (Nine Network)
  • The Secret Life Of Us (Network Ten)

Most Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series

  • Ray Barrett (After the Deluge, Network Ten)
  • Tim Draxl (The Shark Net, ABC)
  • Abe Forsythe (Marking Time, ABC)
  • William McInnes (The Shark Net, ABC)
  • Gary Sweet (Stingers, Nine Network)
  • David Wenham (After The Deluge, Network Ten)

Most Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series

  • Bridie Carter (McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network)
  • Claudia Karvan (The Secret Life Of Us, Network Ten)
  • Kate Kendall (Stingers, Nine Network)
  • Deborah Mailman (The Secret Life Of Us, Network Ten)
  • Angie Milliken (The Shark Net, ABC)

Most Outstanding Mini Series/Telemovie

  • After the Deluge (Network Ten)
  • BlackJack (Network Ten)
  • Marking Time (ABC)
  • The Postcard Bandit (Nine Network)
  • The Shark Net (ABC)

Most Outstanding News Coverage

  • Canberra bushfires (National Nine News)
  • Marine's fire (ABC News)
  • Waterfall disaster (Seven News)

Most Outstanding Public Affairs Program

  • "Aceh (In bed with the TNI', Dateline (SBS)
  • 'The Big 'A" (Hazel Hawke Story, Australian Story (ABC)
  • "Inside Nauru" (Pacific Despair, Dateline (SBS)
  • "The Jesuits" (The 7.30 Report, ABC)
  • "Making A Killing" (60 Minutes, Nine Network)

Most Outstanding Documentary Series

  • Beyond Bronte (Nine Network)
  • Dying To Leave (SBS)
  • From Korea With Love (SBS)
  • Love Is In The Air (ABC)
  • Man Made: The Story Of Two Men And A Baby (SBS)
  • Plumpton High Babies (ABC)

Most Outstanding Comedy Program

  • The Glass House (ABC)
  • Kath & Kim (ABC)
  • Pizza (SBS)
  • An Audience with Dame Edna (The Comedy Channel)

Most Outstanding Sports Coverage

  • AFL: Friday Night Football (Nine Network)
  • Bob Jane T-Mart 1000 (Network Ten)
  • Foster's Australian Grand Prix (Network Ten)
  • Nine's Summer of Test Cricket (Nine Network)
  • Rugby League State of Origin (Nine Network)
  • Rugby World Cup (Seven Network)

Most Outstanding Children's Preschool Program

  • Bambaloo (Seven Network)
  • Playhouse Disney (Seven Network and the Disney Channel)
  • Hi-5 (Nine Network)
  • Play School (ABC)
  • The Pop Pups (ABC)

Most Outstanding Children's Program

  • The Big Arvo (Seven Network)
  • Bootleg (ABC)
  • Ocean Star (Network Ten)
  • Out There (ABC)
  • Pirate Islands (Network Ten)

Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Sam Chisholm