Public Voted Categories

Most Popular Personality (Gold Logie)

  • Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers/Potato Factory)
  • Ada Nicodemou (Home and Away)
  • Georgie Parker (All Saints)
  • Sigrid Thornton (SeaChange)
  • John Wood (Blue Heelers)

Most Popular Actress

  • Rebecca Cartwright (Home and Away)
  • Rebecca Gibney (Halifax fp)
  • Georgie Parker (All Saints)
  • Sigrid Thornton (SeaChange)

Most Popular Actor

  • Daniel MacPherson (Neighbours)
  • William McInnes (SeaChange)
  • Martin Sacks (Blue Heelers)
  • John Wood (Blue Heelers)

Most Popular Program

  • All Saints (Seven)
  • Blue Heelers (Seven)
  • Home and Away (Seven)
  • SeaChange (ABC)

Most Popular New Talent - Male

  • Beau Brady (Home and Away)
  • Jamie Durie (Backyard Blitz)
  • Chris Egan (Home and Away)
  • Ben Steel (Home and Away)

Most Popular New Talent - Female

  • Caroline Craig (Blue Heelers)
  • Tammin Sursok (Home and Away)
  • Madeleine West (Neighbours)
  • Karina Brown (Sale of the Century)

Most Popular Light Entertainment Program

  • Rove Live
  • Surprise Surprise
  • The Panel
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Most Popular Lifestyle Program

  • Backyard Blitz
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Changing Rooms
  • Harry's Practice

Most Popular Sports Program

  • The Dream
  • The Footy Show (AFL)
  • The Footy Show (NRL)
  • The Olympic Show

Most Popular Public Affairs Program

  • A Current Affair
  • 60 Minutes
  • Today
  • Today Tonight

Most Popular Reality Program

  • Animal Hospital
  • Popstars
  • RPA
  • The Mole

Industry Voted Categories

Most Outstanding Drama Series

  • All Saints (Seven)
  • SeaChange (ABC)
  • Stingers (Nine)
  • Water Rats (Nine)

Most Outstanding Mini Series or Telemovie

  • Dogwoman - The Legend of Dogwoman (Nine)
  • Halifax fp - A Person of Interest (Nine)
  • Ihaka - Blunt Intrument (Ten)
  • Marriage Acts (ABC)
  • The Potato Factory (Seven)
  • Waiting at the Royal (Nine)

Most Outstanding Comedy Program

  • The Dream (Seven)
  • The Games (ABC)
  • The Panel (Ten)
  • Pizza (SBS)

Most Outstanding Children's Program

  • The Crash Zone (Seven)
  • Eugenie Sandler P.I. (ABC)
  • Hi-5 (Nine)
  • Round The Twist (ABC)

Most Outstanding Actor in a Series

  • Steve Bisley (Water Rats)
  • John Howard (SeaChange)
  • William McInnes (SeaChange)
  • Geoff Morrell (Grass Roots)

Most Outstanding Actress in a Series

  • Kerry Armstrong (SeaChange)
  • Georgie Parker (All Saints)
  • Libby Tanner (All Saints)
  • Sigrid Thornton (SeaChange)

Most Outstanding Sports Coverage

  • FAI 1000 Bathurst (Ten)
  • Melbourne Cup Carnival (Ten)
  • Nine's Summer of Cricket (Nine)
  • The Games of the XXVII Olympiad (Seven)

Most Outstanding Special Report in Public Affairs

  • Balibo: The Simple Truth - Dateline (SBS)
  • On Life's Border: The Struggle of North Korea's Refugees - Dateline (SBS)
  • Sierra Leone - Foreign Correspondent (ABC)
  • Fixing Cricket - Four Corners (ABC)

Most Outstanding Documentary

  • A Death in the Family (SBS)
  • The Diplomat (SBS)
  • The Last Warriors (Seven)
  • The Track (ABC)

Most Outstanding News Reporter

  • Paul Lockyer (ABC)
  • Paul Marshall (Seven)
  • Dominique Schwartz (ABC)
  • Alan Sunderland (SBS)

Most Outstanding News Coverage

  • East Timor (ABC)
  • Middle East (ABC)
  • Shoot-out in Suva (Nine)
  • World Economic Forum/S11 Protests (Nine)

Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Ruth Cracknell