Logie Awards

1959, Inaugural Logie Awards

TV Stars of the Year:Graham Kennedy and Panda
Show of the Year:In Melbourne Tonight
Outstanding Sports Presentation:ABC Sporting Department
Outstanding Performance:Bill Collins (Sunnyside Up)

1960 Logie Award Winners

Star of the Year, Gold Logie:Graham Kennedy
Program of the Year:77 Sunset Strip
TV Highlight of 1959:Shell Presents Series
TV WEEK Special Award:GTV9/ATN7 Interstate TV link for Test Cricket

1961 Logie Award Winners

Gold Logie:Bob Dyer
Best Australian Variety Production:Curtain Call, host Digby Wolfe
Best Comedians:Bobby Limb and Buster Fiddess
Best Singer:Elaine McKenna
Best Australian Drama:Shadow of a Pale Horse
Best Sporting Coverage:The Davis Cup
'Special Logie' for Best Drama:Stormy Petrel
Best Actor:Brian James, from Stormy Petrel
Most Popular Male:Graham Kennedy
Most Popular Female:Panda
Most Popular Program:In Melbourne Tonight
New South Wales 
Most Popular Male:Digby Wolfe
Most Popular Female:Tanya Halesworth
Most Popular Program:Bobby Limb Show
South Australia 
Most Popular Male:Ian Fairweather
Most Popular Female:Maree Tomasetti
Most Popular Program:Adelaide Tonight
Most Popular Male:Brian Tait
Most Popular Female:Nancy Knudsend
Most Popular Program:The Late Show