Phoenix: series one

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Hard Ball

Episode 1.13 (finale)
Australia: April 30, 1992
Written by Alison Nisselle
Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • Jo Kennedy as Elaine Henderson
  • Esben Storm as Pat
  • Nicholas Polites as Nick
  • Todd Telford as Dennis
  • Patrick Ward as Blazo
  • Kevin Summers as Toohey
  • David Bradshaw as Fluff
  • Kymara Stowers as Mandy Henderson
  • David Le Page as Dicko (Possum)
  • Julian Branagan as BCI Member
  • Clive Hearne as Police Surgeon
  • Michael Gleeson as Tig
  • James Lawson as Dog (Surveillance)

The suspect's house is under heavy surveillnace as the Major Crime Squad makes it's final preparations before moving in. The decision is made for Megan to approach the neighbour to get a closer observation point but Jock refuses to let her be told exactly what the police's interest is, despite Megan's insistence the danger merits telling her what's she and her daughter are getting involved in.

With admissions caught on tape, the police raid the house, taking the suspects into custody. Goose and the forensic team move quickly to secrure the ample physical evidence allowing the detectives to confront the bombers with the overwhelming evidence resulting in quick confessions.

With the job done, the Deputy Commissioner arrives to offer his congratulations but pulls Jock aside to tell him he'll be under investigation by IID.

"Well, that's it. The job's fucked!" - Peter Faithfull