Phoenix: series one

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Blessed are the Peace Makers

Episode 1.10
Australia: April 09, 1992
Written by John Reeves
Directed by Julian McSwiney
Guest Cast:
  • Patrick Ward as Blazo
  • Jonathan Kernutt as Anton Kastelanic
  • Alex Menglett as Ivan Kastelanic
  • Scott Bowie as Gary
  • Valentina Levkowicz as Mrs Kastelanic
  • Jasper Bagg as Paul
  • Dale Stevens as Rhonda [Clayton]
  • Beverley Evans as Trish
  • George Zogopoulos as [Arthur] Hammond
  • Frank Maierhofer as McGuire
  • Marijke Mann as Helen Osbourne
  • Nicholas Trinder as Diver Sup.
  • John Murphy as Shopkeeper
  • Jacqueline Smythe as Baby Suzie

Feeling as though they are getting close to identifying the Police Club bombers, Inspector Brennan gets a member of the Special Operations Group assigned to the investigation team. He is instrumental in handling a bomb found at a pet store which is later determined to contain explosives identical to those used in the bombing.

The store owner's crimal past connects him to a gang but a raid on the home of a biker with priors for using exposives proves fruitless as his alibi checks out forcing detectives to look at other persons of interest.

Ian's friendship with the new SOG officer doesn't sit well with Carol who is anxious to return to work after a year at home with Suzie.