Phoenix: series one

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Old Rules, New Games

Episode 1.07
Australia: March 19, 1992
Written by Alison Nisselle
Directed by Ian Gilmour
Guest Cast:
  • Bill Hunter as Tiny
  • Shane Connor as Manny
  • Shauna MacEwan as Surveillance Cop
  • George Fairfax as Commissioner
  • Niall O'Donnell as Axle
  • Nicholas Polites as Nick
  • Rick Elliot as Detective
  • Margaret Peerman as Mother
  • Charmaine Clements as Policewoman 2
  • Susanne Chapman as Policewoman 1
  • Liz Jones as Waitress
  • Kath Gordon as Reporter 1
  • Bob Halsall as Reporter 2
  • Robert Corner as McKechnie
  • Patsy Martin as Woman
  • Olga Krasser as Woman 1
  • Kate Robinson as Woman 2
  • Jordan Braddy as Baby

With the bombing investigation stalled for lack of hard evidence, Jock puts pressure on an old trusted informant for information about the people who handled the explosives. Unfamiliar with the specifics of the explosives involved with the bomb, Jock brings Goose out of the lab to meet with Tiny, a safe cracker, who provides a sample from the same batch.

Tiny's low profile is threatened when he steals a car from a shopping centre unaware of the child sleeping in the back seat. He discovers the child hours later en route to a job and phones Jock for help. Jock does his best to protect his valued informant but the Commissioner refuses to let Tiny get off without being charged in connection with the high profile abduction, even if it is just for car theft.

Meanwhile, the abduction clouds the squad's search for an escaped convict and Peter and Laz work to identify the bomb's shrapnel materials.