Phoenix: series one

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Christmas in July

Episode 1.02
Australia: February 13, 1992
Written by Cliff Green
Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • Carole Yelland as Faye Anderson
  • Andy Anderson as Ray Vann
  • Maryrose Caskelly as Leonie Cowan
  • Cathy McMorrow as Const. Julie Briggs
  • Simon Wilson as Const. Barry Fletcher
  • Tom Coltraine as David Rogers
  • Kirsty Grant as Emma Rogers
  • Clive Hearn as Police Surgeon
  • Rob Constable as Inspecor Simpson
  • Jim Daly as Inspector Flynn
  • Eddy McShortall as Irish Joe
  • Laine Lamont as Mrs Briggs
  • Anthony Evans as Mr Briggs
  • Rooney Sharp as Sen. Sergeant
  • Nicholas Polites as Bomber
  • uncredited as Max Anderson

In the aftermath of the Police Club bombing, Senior Detective David Rogers is dead and Constable Julie Briggs is critical. Major Crime is responsible for the investigation known as Operation Phoenix. With rumours flying, and the early stages of the investigation chaotic at best, a disgruntled Search and Rescue cop, Max Anderson, emerges as a prime suspect. It is evident that Jock places much stock in Peter Faithfull, who he assigns to investigate their main suspect. Meanwhile Jock is forced to work with Goose who has been working around the clock at the bomb site. Jock's hope to have the Goose reassigned does not impress Wallace and we learn that the Forensic Scientist is a leading expert in post bomb analysis.

In the opening minutes of the episode we get our first glimpse of one of the bombers as he leaves the bomb car as Constable Julie Briggs approaches. Later we see him sitting in a nearby car with an accomplice cheerfully observing the chaos they have unleashed.