Phoenix: series one

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Shaking the Tree

Episode 1.09
Australia: April 02, 1992
Written by John Reeves
Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • Doug Bowles as Fergy
  • John Brumpton as Gonzo
  • Olivia Harkin as Jacquie
  • Richard Moss as Julian Gledhill
  • Lisa Chambers as Leanne
  • David Le Page as Dicko
  • Miki Mato as Maori Dealer
  • Rod Densley as George
  • Jane Bayley as Policewoman
  • John Moore as Pancho
  • Russell Norris as Happy
  • Todd Telford as Dennis

Lochie is first through the door on a raid but when things don't go quite as planned. The raid, orchestrated to appear as a drug squad operation, nabs two dealers whom investigators hope will provide them much needed information about the identities of the bombers.

Despite his cover being compromised, Laz is sent back onto the street to look up an old contact, Gonzo, who worked for one of the arrested dealers.

With their main suspect Fergy not talking, Megan chases down his fifteen-year-old sister who is able to put a name to the sketch of their suspect while also revealing the existance a third man, an older man the police now believe planned the bombing.

Jock offers to drop the charges against Fergy and provide witness protection if he'll name the men but despite Lochie's best efforts, Fergy is too scared and refuses to give up the names. He is released from custody but with full surveillance.