Phoenix: series one

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A Bunch of Big Girls

Episode 1.03
Australia: February 20, 1992
Written by Denise Morgan, Cassandra Carter
Directed by Ian Gilmour
Guest Cast:
  • Douglas Hedge as Charlie
  • Esme Melville as Mrs Butler
  • Bill McLorinan as Syd
  • Tibor Gyajas as Gino Martinelli
  • Luigi Villani as Mario
  • Peter Williams as BCI Sergeant
  • Richard Cordner as Drug Squad Det #1
  • Ian Swan as Drug Squad Det #2
  • Kevin Summers as Toohey
  • George Vidalis as Mick
  • Dominic Sweeney as Wheels
  • Nicholas Trinder as Car Attendant
  • Wayne Pinder as Shop Owner
  • Arch Roberts as Car Dealer
  • Christopher Bird as Reporter 1
  • Kath Gordon as Reporter 2
  • Bob Halsall as Reporter 3

With the huge number of leads pouring into the investigation, Senior Sergeant Lochie Renford complains that the team is unable to clear the decks of all the meaningless information. As a result, Jock recruits crime analyst Detective Senior Constable Megan Edwards to the team to analyse the information pouring into the investigation. Megan is the first woman to join the all-male world of the Major Crime Squad, and her acceptance by the team is not helped by her accident prone first day when she first loses and then crashes Lochie's car.

A tip leads investigators to Charlie Drew, a former police informant who admits to building a bomb—but claims it was only a fake one to spook his nosy neighbour. Despite the lack of forensic evidence, Jock is determined to link Charlie to the bombing.