Phoenix: series one

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Hair of the Dog

Episode 1.11
Australia: April 16, 1992
Written by Annie Beach
Directed by Ian Gilmour
Guest Cast:
  • Stephen Leeder as Inspector Glidden
  • Terry Serio as Barney
  • Patrick Ward as Blazo
  • George Fairfax as Dep Commissioner
  • Denis Moore as Jimmy Farrel
  • Matthew King as Arch (Pathologist)
  • Jim Daly as Inspector Flynn
  • David Bradshaw as Fluff
  • Nico Lathouris as Lenny Ryan
  • Nicholas Polites as Nick
  • Todd Telford as Dennis
  • Roderick Williams as Chief Commissioner
  • Christopher Barry as Larry
  • Juliet Taylor as Policewoman
  • Paul Hampton as Don
  • Helen Rollinson as Robyn

The Major Crime Squad is criticised in the press for spending too much time and resources on a bombing investigation that is beginning to run out of steam. Jock wants to release the image of their suspect to the press, or at least the police but the legal department won't allow it for fear of compromising future witnesses.

Forensics meanwhile is tied up with a trio of murders for which Peter Faithfull has been working with Homicide and when word comes down that surveillance is being scaled back, Laz, Megan, and Blazo and forced to take on the job themselves during their off hours.