Phoenix: series one

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On the Edge

Episode 1.04
Australia: February 27, 1992
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Kate Woods
Guest Cast:
  • George Vidalis as Mick
  • Kevin Summers as Toohey
  • Dominic Sweeney as Wheels
  • Burt Cooper as Denton
  • Steve Hardman as Terry Martin
  • Dennis Lees as Skin
  • Nico Lathouris as Lenny Ryan
  • Dominic McDonald as Roy Lindsay
  • Brett Swann [Swain] as Tattoo
  • David Kemp as Gig
  • Robin Wade as Crim
  • Mitch Ambrose as Youth 1
  • Nicholas Polites as Bomber

Inspector Brennan recruits Snr Det Lazarus Carides to the task force. Laz has been undercover with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for over two years, predominantly investigating stolen car rackets. He has some difficulty fitting in to the close team environment of the task force. He inspects the wreckage of the bomb car, noticing that the chassis number has been drilled out, an unusual technique of disguising a vehicle's identity. Believing he is of more value to the investigation as an undercover, he returns to the street in an attempt to locate the garage which handled the bomb car. His "disappearance" creates derision within Major Crime—Laz is seen as untrustworthy, particularly by Sgt Peter Faithful.

Meanwhile, Forensic believe the bomb was constructed from household items and are building a bomb replica. The Cochrane's baby, Suzie, first appears.