Phoenix: series one

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Fond Memories

Episode 1.08
Australia: March 26, 1992
Written by Cliff Green
Directed by Kate Woods
Guest Cast:
  • Leverne McDonnell as Kelly
  • David Bradshaw as Fluff
  • Nicholas Polites as Nick
  • Roy Edmunds as Bill Donaldson
  • Chris Waters as Det Don Roberts
  • Jason Blake as Toby The Toolman
  • Christopher Wilson as Chris
  • Todd Telford as Dennis
  • Carol Davis as Gus Leaman
  • Ruth Yaffe as Ruth Leaman
  • Barbara Wold as Female Clerk
  • Lance Anderson as Quarryman
  • Jasper Bagg as Con (VO)
  • Tom Coltrane as Bandit #1
  • George Novak as Bandit #2

Witnessing two fleeing bank robbers reinforces Megan's belief that money will be the answer in solving the Police Club bombing as those responsible would've needed lots of it to carry out the job. Megan turns her attention to looking into various armed robberies which leads her to the rape squad. Jock is concerned she's wasting time follow unrelated leads but allows her to press on.

Megan questions a woman about her violent assault believing her attackers are connected to the bombing. The woman is able to provide a description from which a composite image of one of her attackers in created. This new suspect quickly becomes the key focus of the investigation*#8212;despitef Jock's superior's dismissal of the new information's importance.

Meanwhile, detonators recovered during a police raid are confirmed to be of the same batch as that used in the bombing. The Major Crime squad sets up a sting to go after the intended buyer who turns out to be a legitimate quary owner buying stolen detonators.