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Episode 12

Written by Ro Hume and Ernie Dingo
Directed by Kate Woods

After Ricky's bail application unexpectedly fails, Vincent, Alf and Beth return from the city without him to everyone's disappointment.

Feeling he has let everyone down, Vincent starts going over and over the evidence again, desperate to find something - anything - that will prove the truth of Ricky's innocence and see him free.

Realising that her old life in the city doesn't fit anymore, Beth sets about defining a new life for herself in Brooklyn Waters, but this proves more difficult than she thought, as she realises the full implications of her relationship with Vincent how much the way she looks at life has changed.

Alf has lost faith in Vincent's ability to help "his boy". And he's lost Chris too, who's stayed in the city chasing his dreams of football glory. The strain of the past months finally lead to a collapse, which doctors at the hospital cannot understand or cure.


  • Ernie Dingo as Vincent Burunga
  • Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Ashton
  • Bob Maza as Alf Dyer
  • Justine Saunders as Millie Carmichael
  • Steven Vidler as Phil McCarthy
  • Kerry Walker as Sylvia
  • Paul Caesar as Macka Hargraves
  • Bradley Byquar as Ricky Dyer
  • Lisa Kinchela as Sally Dyer
  • Kevin Smith as Shorty Carmichael
  • Aaron Pedersen as Clarrie Carmichael
  • Auriel Andrew as Vi Murray
  • Wes Patten as Chris Dyer
  • David Kennedy as Robert Sutton
  • Rachael Maza as Leila Sutton
  • Luke Carroll as Jason Sutton
  • Leanne Bundy as Robyn
  • Harold Hopkins as Jim
  • Gary Waddell as Lennie
  • Bill Mcpherson as Errol Hannigan
  • Tony Barry as Escort Officer
  • Darren Yap as Dr Nguyen
  • Mark Fitzgerald as Dennis