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Episode 6

Written by Nicholas Parsons
Directed by Julian Pringle

As Vincent deals with the frustration that Ricky is in jail for a crime he probably didn't commit, he is forced to face his personal inner turmoil…and is drawn back to Western Australia to confront the secrets of his past.

Beth goes with him on a journey into the world he came from, as Vincent returns to his family for the first time in seven years, and to the dry searing red plains near the sacred rock of Mt Augustus, the country to which he is linked in a way she cannot understand.

What Beth foresaw as a joyful family reunion turns out to be tense, and full of conflict, as Vincent's brother Mujadi (David Moombunarra) and his mother and sister react with suspicion to his sudden return…and to Beth's presence.

Her first shock is that Vincent left a wife and child behind when he abandoned his job as a Police Officer in the west. The second is realising that he feels responsible for his daughter's sudden illness, and believes that only by undergoing the full punishment of traditional law can she be saved.

As Vincent is caught between "whitefella" law and "blackfella" law, knowing he must answer to both, Beth realises that the side of Vincent she came to love in Brooklyn Waters is only one part of him. And that the other side is stronger than she ever dreamed.


  • Ernie Dingo as Vincent Burunga
  • Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Ashton
  • David Ngoombujarra as Mujadi Burunga
  • Judith Wilkes as Mum Burrunga
  • Franklyn Nannup as Joshua
  • Josie Lawford as Bronwyn
  • Steven Albert as Bowler
  • Lynley Narkle as Rachel
  • Sharon Wilkes as Fleur
  • Kyle Morrison as Oberon
  • Trevor Jamieson as Nobby
  • Andrea Ryan as Newborn Bab