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Episode 4

Written by Kristen Dunphy
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

The afternoon Wilga was killed makes Vincent even more convinced that the confession he gave is worthless, and more determined to find out the truth of what happened.

For Ricky, the thought that he might have killed the girl he loved is worse torture that the solitude of the cells, and his grief drives him to an act of self-destructive desperation.

Vincent saves his life, but Alf can see that Ricky might still be lost, if he's taken from his family to jail in the city, and tries to show him the comfort and strength he will need form the old ways, if he is to survive.

Beth helps Sally Dyer (Lisa Kinchela) trace the brother who was taken away before she was born.

For the Dyers, Ben Lovell (Shane Conner) is "little Eddie", who has never been forgotten, and whose place in the community has always been kept. For Beth, Ben is her only living relative.

For Ben, the discovery that he has a white niece and an Aboriginal family shatters his world, for he has never been told that he is even adopted let alone where he comes from.

Coming to terms with this leads finally to a reunion with his mother Mary, with unexpected consequences for them all.


  • Ernie Dingo as Vincent Burunga
  • Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Ashton
  • Bob Maza as Alf Dyer
  • Justine Saunders as Millie Carmichael
  • Steven Vidler as Phil McCarthy
  • Shane Connor as Ben Lovell
  • Paul Caesar as Macka Hargraves
  • Melissa Jaffer as Meredith Lovell
  • Lillian Crombie as Mary Dyer
  • Lisa Kinchela as Sally Dyer
  • Bradley Byquar as Ricky Dyer
  • John Sherrin as John Thompson
  • Wes Patten as Chris Dyer
  • Kevin Smith as Shorty Carmichael
  • Aaron Pedersen as Clarrie Carmichael
  • Auriel Andrew as Vi Murray
  • Danielle Carter as Receptionist
  • Richard Carter as Merv
  • Alan Lovell as Peter
  • Mark Saunders as Mike
  • Pamela Young as Belle
  • Leanne Bundy as Robyn