(aka "Burned Bridge")

Created by: Ro Hume and Bruce Best
Executive Producers: Bruce Best and Penny Chapman
Produced by: Bruce Best
Script Editor: Andrew Kelly
Executive Story Editor: Ro Hume
Series Consultants: Ernie Dingo and Bob Maza

Aired: 1994

Heartland deals with the mystery surrounding the death of an Aboriginal girl and the doubts concerning the guilt of her boyfriend, who is arrested for her murder. It is also a love story between two of the people convinced of his innocence—their growing relationship must survive hostility from both the white and black communities and the obstacles of their different backgrounds, attitudes and cultures. Set in a small coastal town against the turmoils of murder, mystery and romance, Heartland follows the people from this seaside community and their battle to restructure their own way of life. Their struggle to restore their self-esteem towards a positive future, despite the obstacles in their path. (13x60 min)
Ernie DingoVincent Burunga
Cate BlanchettElizabeth Ashton
Justine SaundersMillie Carmichael
Bob MazaAlf Dyer
Steven VidlerPhil McCarthy
Shane ConnorBen Lovell
David NgoombujarraMujadi Burunga
Jeremy SimsGarth Maddern
Paul CaesarMacka Hargraves
Bradley ByguarRicky Dyer
Wes PattenChris Dyer
Rachel MazaLeila Sutton
David KennedyRobert Sutton
Aaron PedersenClarrie Carmichael
Kevin SmithShorty Carmichael
Kylie RussellWilga Carmichael
Lisa KinchelaSally Dyer
Lillian CrombieMary Dyer
Luke CarrollJason Sutton
Amy Miller-PorterCarly Sutton
Dwayne BuchananToddler Sutton
Nicholas PapademetriouHarry Bradshaw
Bill McPhersonErrol Hannigan
Hugh DevaneyFrank Delaney
Melissa JafferMeredith Lovell
Lydia MillerNerida Watson
Jie PittmanFlint Baker
Mark FitzpatrickDennis
Marjorie ChildEileen
Scott LowePatrick
Leanne BundyRobyn


  • 1994 AFI Award Winner: Best Achievement in Direction in Television Drama: Julian Pringle Episode 7
  • 1994 AFI Award Co-winner: Best Episode in Television Drama series, Episode 7

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