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Episode 5

Written by Ro Hume and Bob Maza
Directed by Paul Faint

Ricky comes back from the hospital to the cell, knowing that there is no way now to avoid being transferred to the city.

Alf makes one last try to convince him that the old ways will make him strong enough to endure this ordeal. With his grandfather's help, Ricky looks deeply onto himself, and realises that he could not have killed Wilga without it being burnt into his memory.

ut if Ricky now is certain he is innocent, results of the forensic testing that Vincent expected to clear him in fact point even more strongly to is guilt. When Ricky is transferred to the city, all that Alf and Vincent have to sustain them is their belief that he will be cleared.

Life at Binbella is slowly returning to normal. Which for Robert Sutton (David Kennedy) and his wife Leila (Rachel Maza) means an on-going struggle with the problems caused by Robert's drinking.

A loving family is nearly torn apart when Robert assaults a man in Brooklyn Waters. Robert realises that his drinking has led him to risk something far more frightening that losing his wife and children. He decides that he has to help himself…but he needs time to work in his problem.

As Vincent and Beth work with the community to make sure he gets that chance, Beth is brought face to face with the strength of the love that binds the family together. And she realises something. Over the weeks her feelings for Vincent have deepened into love. Her only problem now is how….and if… she should let him know.


  • Ernie Dingo as Vincent Burunga
  • Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Ashton
  • Bob Maza as Alf Dyer
  • Justine Saunders as Millie Carmichael
  • Steven Vidler as Phil McCarthy
  • Paul Caesar as Macka Hargraves
  • Bradley Byquar as Ricky Dyer
  • Lillian Crombie as Mary Dyer
  • Kevin Smith as Shorty Carmichael
  • Aaron Pedersen as Clarrie Carmichael
  • Auriel Andrew as Vi Murray
  • Wes Patten as Chris Dyer
  • David Kennedy as Robert Sutton
  • Rachael Maza as Leila Sutton
  • Luke Carroll as Jason Sutton
  • Amy Miller-porter as Carly Sutton
  • Dwayne Buchanan as Toddler Sutton
  • Nicholas Papademetriou as Harry Bradshaw
  • Leanne Bundy as Robyn
  • Mark Saunders as Cliff
  • Kristopher Greaves as Kev
  • Caroline Glynn-Vidgen as Vicky Bradshaw
  • Phil Meacham as Constable
  • Brian Ellison as Alf Double
  • Bernie Ledger as Chris Double