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Episode 9

Written by Ro Hume
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

Putting their failed relationship behind them, Beth and Vincent throw themselves into their own concerns. Trying to ignore how much they miss each other.

Vincent discovers likes between a string of murders and assaults throughout the state that convince him that Wilga's real killer is not only still free, but still active. He puts his job at risk trying to draw the loose threads together into a pattern that will lead to Ricky being freed.

To Fiona's growing dismay, Ben throws himself into his newly discovered Aboriginality. Determined to use his skills to help his people, he persuades the Binbilla people to revive a failed Aboriginal business, not knowing there are several people around who aren't happy to see interest focused on a forgotten failure.

His friend John Thompson (John Sheerin) is a bureaucrat who tries to advise him to leave well enough alone, but Ben is determined to strengthen his ties with his new family, and forges ahead.

Even an arson attack on the boat-yard doesn't slow him down. But as the truth comes out as to who wanted the financial affairs of the boat-yard forever, Ben realises that the past cannot be changed, no matter how much he wants it to be wiped out, and winds up lost between two worlds…the one he was taken from and the one he grew up in.

Beth decides it's time to take charge of her life again, and to return to the city. When Vincent learns she is going, he realises that the thought of life without her is harder to face than any problems they have to overcome… and makes a last ditch effort to persuade her to stay.


  • Ernie Dingo as Vincent Burunga
  • Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Ashton
  • Bob Maza as Alf Dyer
  • Justine Saunders as Millie Carmichael
  • Steven Vidler as Phil McCarthy
  • Shane Connor as Ben Lovell
  • Paul Caesar as Macka Hargraves
  • Lisa Kinchela as Sally Dyer
  • Aaron Pedersen as Clarrie Carmichael
  • Wes Patten as Chris Dyer
  • David Kennedy as Robert Sutton
  • Rachael Maza as Leila Sutton
  • Luke Carroll as Jason Sutton
  • Genevieve Lemon as Fiona Lovell
  • Ali and Zoe Neill as Sherri Lovell
  • Leanne Bundy as Robyn
  • Harold Hopkins as Jim