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Episode 7

Written by John Cundill
Directed by Julian Pringle

In the alien country of Mount Augustus, Beth is unable to bear the idea of Vincent undergoing the ritual punishment that he feels he must, in order to atone for his past breach of traditional law. which might cost his daughter her life. She feels that they are both trapped in a world that she cannot understand and when she cannot persuade him to leave with her, she feels she has no choice but to leave alone

This is not what Vincent wants, but he knows that he must confront what has happened in his past, before he can face any future.

Beth's planned departure is foiled by Vincent's mother and sister who lead her out into the desert with the women, their apparently innocent excursion keeping her well away from the "law business" that hangs over the day.

As they explore the country of Vincent's childhood, Beth learns more about him and his people, and is drawn into a deeper acceptance of his ways.

When Vincent returns from the payback, the past is wiped clean, and now he is free to stay in his country with his people… if he wants to . And Beth can only hope that the feelings for her he is now able to acknowledge will be strong enough to draw him back with her.


  • Ernie Dingo as Vincent Burunga
  • Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Ashton
  • David Ngoombujarra as Mujadi Burunga
  • Judith Wilkes as Mum Burrunga
  • Franklyn Nannup as Joshua
  • Josie Lawford as Bronwyn
  • Steven Albert as Bowler
  • Lynley Narkle as Rachel
  • Sharon Wilkes as Fleur
  • Kyle Morrison as Oberon
  • Trevor Jamieson as Nobby
  • Andrea Ryan as Newborn Baby