Australian Writers' Guild Awards

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The 39th annual AWGIE Awards were held at the Grand Ballroom, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney on Friday, August 25, 2006

Major Award

  • Answered by Fire by Barbara Samuels and Katherine Thomson

Monte Miller Award

  • Jericho, by Robert Rabiah
  • Hellbent for Leather, by Simon Duffield
  • Cedar Boys, by Serhat Caradee
  • Vampires from Wagga, by David Bishop

Children's Television (P Classification)

  • Fairy Stories (New MacDonald's Farm) by John Armstrong

Children's Television (C Classification)

  • Overdue (Tracey McBean), by Kevin Nemeth
  • Socks (Tracey McBean), by Kevin Nemeth
  • Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (Mortified), by Steve Wright
  • A Dog's Tale (Dogstar), by Doug Macleod

Children's Theatre

  • Stella and the Moon Man by Richard Tulloch

Theatre for Young Audiences

  • Boy Overboard, by Patricia Cornelius
  • Spinning the Line, by Chris Thompson

Community & Youth Theatre

  • Covenant, by Alana Valentine
  • Through the Mist, by Rebecca Lister

Music Theatre

  • Dusty, by Melvyn Morrow (with John Michael Howson and David Mitchell)
  • Shakespearean Idol, by Melvyn Morrow

Documentary (Public Broadcast)

  • Girl In A Mirror, by Kathy Drayton
  • Hunt Angels, by Alec Morgan
  • Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst, by Katherine Thomson
  • He's Coming South, by Keith Thompson

Documentary (Corporate & Training)

  • Learn To Lecture Like Me! by Rick Kalowski

Short Film

  • Garden of Love, by Sonia Louise Armstrong
  • Smile for Me, by Rachael Turk
  • Recall, by Michael Noonan
  • Power Point, by George Merryman

Radio (Original)

  • Let's Go Brazil by NoŽlle Janaczewska

Comedy (Sketch and Light Entertainment)

  • How Green Was My Cactus by Doug Edwards and Shane Edwards

Television (Serial)

  • Home and Away, Episode 4121, by Sam Meikle
  • Prenatal Depression, Neighbours, by Peter Mattessi
  • God's Will Be Done, Neighbours, by Katrina Foster
  • Bad Samaritan, Neighbours, by Anthony Morris

Television (Series)

  • Right to Life, All Saints Episode 316, by Sam Meikle
  • Facing the Music, All Saints Episode 341, by Charlie Strachan
  • I Know You, Love My Way Episode 16, by Brendan Cowell
  • The Departure Lounge, Part 1 MDA, by Felicity Packard
  • The Departure Lounge, Part 4 MDA, by Greg Haddrick

Telemovie (Original)

  • Stepfather of the Bride, by Geoffrey Atherden
  • Little Oberon, by Peter Gawler
  • Call Me Mum, by Kathleen Mary Fallon
  • Small Claims, by Kaye Bendle and Keith Thompson

Telemovie (Adaptation)

  • The Society Murders by Greg Haddrick and Kylie Needham

Television Mini-series (Original)

  • Answered by Fire, by Barbara Samuels and Katherine Thomson
  • The Silence, by Alice Addison (with Mary Walsh)


  • Love, by Patricia Cornelius
  • 3 Furies, by Stephen Sewell
  • Bed, by Brendan Cowell
  • Strangers In Between, by Thomas Murphy

Feature Film (Adaptation)

  • Last Train to Freo, by Reg Cribb
  • Candy, by Luke Davies (with Neil Armfield)

Feature Film (Original)

  • Ten Canoes, by Rolf de Heer
  • Irresistible, by Ann Turner
  • Suburban Mayhem, by Alice Bell