Australian Writers' Guild Awards

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The 2005 AWGIE Awards were held at the Regent Theatre on Friday November 25 in Melbourne

Major Award

  • The Spook by Melissa Reeves

Monte Miller Award

  • Skylab by David Chidlow
  • Full Late in the Season by Robert Davis
  • Jacqueline Cook for Raw
  • For an unproduced script by an Associate member

The Hector Crawford Award

  • John Alsop
  • For significant contribution to the craft via a body of script editing work

The Fred Parsons Award

  • Hugh Stuckey
  • For special contribution to Australian comedy

Richard Lane Award

  • David Williamson
  • For Services to the Guild

Children's Television (P Classification)

  • Kym Goldsworthy for Dinosaur Hunt (New MacDonald's Farm)

Children's Television (C Classification)

  • Leo Saves The Day (Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon Adventure) by Fiona Kelly
  • Jungle Ball (Holly's Heroes) by David Phillips
  • Tracey McBean - Series Two by Kevin Nemeth

Children's Theatre

  • Tales From The Arabian Nights by Donna Abela (adaptation)
  • gamegirl by Maryanne Lynch
  • Hidden Dragons by Shirley Van Sanden
  • Moonfleet by Catherine Zimdahl (adaptation)

Theatre for Young Audiences

  • The Dead Zone by Kate Rice

Community & Youth Theatre

  • Backburning by Peter Copeman
  • A Closer Sky by Louise Helfgott
  • The Rise and Fall of the Bargainmart King by Kate Rice

Music Theatre

  • The Republic of Myopia

Documentary (Public Broadcast)

  • Capitalist Drive by Barbara Chobocky & Jeffrey Bruer
  • Killers In Eden by Klaus Toft

Documentary (Corporate & Training)

  • Consequences by Scott Higgins
  • Anyone's Story by Peter Campbell

Short Film

  • The Djarn Djarns by Wayne Blair
  • The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello by Mark Shirrefs
  • Better than Eden: Stories from the Soma Estates by Joel Anderson
  • Bloody Footy by Marco Sinigaglia

Radio (Original)

  • The Rush Hour Carillon by NoŽlle Janaczewska
  • Motormouth by NoŽlle Janaczewska
  • The Loss by Maryanne Lynch

Radio (Adaptation)

  • Checklist for an Armed Robber by Vanessa Bates

Interactive Media

  • Heidi and Hud Ep 1 - an online, interactive children's game by Kathy Mueller
  • Eavesdrop - an immersive, interactive installation by David Pledger
  • AtmosFear The Gatekeeper - an interactive, DVD-based board game by Rhett Walton
  • Fat Cow Motel Online Ep 1 - an interactive website linked to a drama by Marissa Cooke

Comedy (Non-format)

  • John Safran vs. God by Mark O'Toole and John Safran
  • The Glass House, Episode 736 by Simon Dodd, Bruce Griffiths and Ian Simmons (with Dave Bloustein and Steve Johnston)

Television (Serial)

  • Home and Away Ep 3808 by Fiona Kelly
  • Home and Away Ep 3806 by Louise Crane-Bowes
  • Home and Away Ep 3903 by Susan Hore
  • Neighbours Ep 4574 - 'Soul Patching' by Drew Proffitt

Television (Series)

  • All Saints Episode 280 'Falling From Grace' by Louise Crane-Bowes
  • Blue Heelers Episode 456 'Crash Site' by Michaeley O'Brien
  • Love My Way Episode 8 by Louise Fox
  • Love My Way Episode 9 by Jacquelin Perske
  • Stingers Episode 172 'Break and Enter' by Matt Ford

Telemovie (Original)

  • The Alice by Justin Monjo
  • Small Claims 2 : 'White Wedding' by Kaye Bendle and Keith Thompson
  • Jewboy by Tony Krawitz

Telemovie (Adaptation)

  • Hell Has Harbour Views by Peter Duncan

Television Mini-series

  • RAN Episode 2 by John Alsop
  • RAN Episode 4 by Alice Addison
  • RAN Episode 6 by Sue Smith


  • Run Rabbit Run by Alana Valentine
  • The Big Con by Guy Rundle (with Eddie Perfect and Max Gillies)
  • Cross Sections by Suzie Miller
  • The Spook by Melissa Reeves
  • Gulpilil by Reg Cribb (with David Gulpilil)

Feature Film

  • Look Both Ways by Sarah Watt
  • Three Dollars by Robert Connolly and Elliot Perlman
  • Ra Choi by Michael Frank
  • Little Fish by Jacquelin Perske