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Episode 11

Australia: Monday, September 26, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Ian Watson

Helen is excited that Natalie has agreed to come on board as the Baa Bar's new chef. She's decided it'll be good to have another woman around the place because women make friends with one another. She buys a load of new professional kitchen equipment to help Natalie settle in.

But it's not all plain sailing. Jack finally puts a roof on Suite One, Helen's bedroom, and with the sudden arrival of a low ceiling above her at night, Helen can't sleep. During the day she's short tempered and headachy and not connecting with Natalie in any way at all. Natalie has very definite plans about how she wants to run the restaurant — and doesn't have time to make friends.

Meanwhile, Matt accompanies Jess out to the Aboriginal community of Jay Creek, where they find themselves treating a man who has been diagnosed by a traditional Ngankari doctor with having water snakes in his stomach. Matt is convinced the man has a stomach ulcer and is in need of drugs, but Jess convinces him to go along with the traditional way of doing things. Matt is sceptical and even more unsure when he meets Jess's traditional auntie, Rosalie, who is almost blind from severe glaucoma yet is the taxi driver for the local people. Matt's going through severe culture shock.

He and Jess discuss the fact his relationship with Ellie is getting complicated — Jess is happy hers with Darren is still so simple and happy.

Toby and Michael meet two cute backpackers but can't decide who teams up with who. It's a dilemma, till they finally hear from Jack. Give up the struggle, he tells them, the girls will decide. That's the way it works in life.

Out at Jay Creek a stranger turns up. This is Darren, Jess's boyfriend, who, out working on a mining site, heard she was in the area and drove all night to be with her. Matt meets Darren and they bond. However, Darren wants Jess to come back with him and she refuses — she can't drop everything just like that. They have their first fight and Darren leaves. Matt and Jess agree getting past the 'complicated stage' takes courage. Rosalie faces her own fears and agrees to come back with them for her eye operation — so long as she gets to drive.

Natalie finally confides in Helen she is actually terrified of the home town crowd, that's why she's been so distracted. Helen tells her she has faith in her and is excited to have someone around who cares about their work.

Natalie's opening night is a smash, enjoyed by Michael and Toby and their dates, by Ellie and Hugh, who dine together and by the people of The Alice. Jack solves Helen's insomnia by sticking fluorescent stars all over the roof of her caravan — bringing the night sky inside. She surprises him with a lawn sale piece of kitsch and both of them find it difficult to keep denying the obvious attraction between them — but they manage somehow to do just that.

Note: On September 28, the Nine Network announced The Alice would not be renewed for a second series

Guest Cast:

  • Kyas Sherriff as Natalie Anderson
  • Kick Gurry as Darren
  • Christine Anu as Valerie
  • Ethelanne Gundy as Rosalie
  • Steve Dodd as Frank
  • Hayley Carr as Margarethe
  • Leah Pappin as Helga
  • Nash Edderton as Matt Stunt Double
  • Gillian Statham as Rosalie Stunt Double
  • Sheree Swords as Jess Stunt Double
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "As Good As It Gets" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "The Lie" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Roll On Home" performed by The Pigram Brothers