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Episode 4

Australia: Monday, August 08, 2005
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Ken Cameron

Toby and Michael's friendship is put to the test when they compete for the affection of gorgeous backpacker Simone — a girl with a dark secret that will take them deep into the desert and into a spooky run of bad luck.

They are run off the road by a blown tyre, a snake finds its way into the cabin of the four-wheel drive only to mysteriously die there, and Simone nearly falls over a cliff. Then, as it becomes obvious Simone is drawn to Michael, Toby gets his nose out of joint and things become increasingly tense between the three of them.

Simone finally reveals the true nature of their expedition: to return a sacred object souvenired by her parents. Ever since taking it, her family has been cursed with a run of bad luck that culminated in the death of her mother and father. Michael is aghast when he discovers they have been travelling with this object and now understands why all these strange things are happening. He explains to Simone that she can't just leave it in the desert — it must be returned to the right people. Ironically, they are at the Central Lands Council back in Alice Springs.

The sacred object is returned and the future seems to brighten for Michael when he finally gets it on with Simone. Later, Toby acknowledges defeat and makes up with Michael the way only boys can — by grabbing him in a headlock.

Meanwhile, Jess has brought her mother Heaven home in order to provide her with the care she needs now that her Alzheimer's is advancing. Jess is still dealing with Jack's revelation that he is her father but decides to put her hurt aside and ask for his help to try and reach Heaven. Things take an unexpected turn when Heaven regresses 23 years to the heady days of her love affair with Jack. In this reality, unfortunately, she has no idea who Jess is.

Jess struggles through an odd family outing — her first ever — while Jack wishes desperately that he could be of more help. Finally, Jess is afforded a period of connection with Heaven when she finds her in the garden using stones to spell out Jessica. Heaven tells Jess she doesn't want to forget her and reveals Jack was not a part of her childhood because she wanted Jess all to herself. Though it will be a long time before Jess can forgive Jack, this is the first step.

Soon after, Heaven disappears. A search is mounted and finally she is found, taken by the desert. As Hugh delivers the sad news, Jess finds herself comforting Jack.

Meanwhile, Ellie's first attempt to publicly exhibit her work is derailed when Hugh buys her sculpture, leaving Ellie furious. For these two also, the road to reconciliation will be long and bumpy.

Guest Cast:

  • Anne Louise Lambert as Heaven Daily
  • Kristy Wright as Simone
  • Tiffany Preece as Flight Attendant
  • Drew Ratagia as Young Michael
  • Even Higgins as Young Toby
  • Min Windle as Simone Double
  • Greg Blandy as Toby Driving Double
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Creators" performed by Loivia Eden
  • "Roll On Home" performed by Pigram Brothers
  • "Dry River Bed" performed by Pigram Brothers