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Jessica Napier

Canned… Jessica Napier, one of the stars of The Alice

The Alice axed

THE crisis in Australian drama production deepened yesterday when the Nine Network announced The Alice would not be renewed for a second series.

The Daily Telegraph also learned that the Seven Network's All Saints was about to be axed earlier this year before revamped storylines revived its ratings.

The future of Blue Heelers brightened a little, with Seven close to giving it the go-ahead to film 10 to 12 new episodes, however both dramas will be reviewed in January.

Cast, crew and the Southern Star production house were informed of The Alice's fate yesterday, 11 weeks into a 22-week first series run.

The much-hyped and expensive show, set in Alice Springs and starring Erik Thomson and Jessica Napier, was launched three months ago.

It struggled to find one million viewers at 7.30pm on Monday, where it needed at least 1.3 million to justify its prime time slot.

It will move to a 10.30pm slot after its 12th episode airs at 7.30pm next Monday.

By Marcus Casey
September 29, 2005
The Daily Telegraph