Creators: John Hugginson and Tony Morphett
Executive Producers: Hal McElroy and Ted Roberts
Co-Executive Producers: Kris Noble and Errol Sullivan
Head Writer: Tony Morphett

Aired: 1996–2001

Beneath its surface exists a playground for the murky underworld, a place of illicit rubbish dumps. pollution hazards, the remnants of huge drug hauls, and a graveyard of bodies from years of suicides, accidents and murders. That's the world of the WATER RATS, and elite bunch of 70 brave men and women guarding the harbour against all the elements that threaten to foul the blue waters. With the breathtaking actions stunts, thrilling races against time, chases across both waves and wharves, intrigue mystery, triumphs, heartbreak, love, lust and laughter, WATER RATS is a compelling drama from Southern Star and the Nine Network.
Colin FrielsDet Snr Cst Frank Holloway1996-99
Catherine McClementsDet Snr Cst Rachel Goldstein1996-99
Peter BensleySnr Sgt/Chief Inspector Jeff Hawker1996-01
Toni ScanlanSgt Helen Blakemore1996-01
Brett PartridgeSnr Cst Gavin Sykes1996-01
Jay Laga'aiaSnr Cst Tommy Tavita1996-00
Scott BurgessSnr Sgt Dave McCall1996-99
Aaron JefferySnr Cst Terry Watson1996-97, 98
Sophie HeathcoteSnr Cst Fiona Cassidy1996-97
Bill YoungChief Inspector Clarke Webb1996
Raelee HillCst Tayler Johnson1997-99
Aaron PedersenDet Snr Cst Michael Reilly1999-01
Steve BisleyDet Sgt Jack Christey1999-01
Dee SmartDet Snr Cst Alex St. Claire2000-01
Joss McWilliamSnr Sgt Lance Rorke2000-01
Rebecca SmartCst Donna Janevski2000-01
Diarmid HeidenreichSnr Cst Matthew Quinn2000-01
Jeremy CallaghanDet Snr Cst Kevin Holloway1996
Peter MochrieDet Snr Sgt John "Knocker" Harrison1996
Andrew GilbertJimmy Holloway1996
Steven GrivesJonathon Goldstein1996
Norman KayeFelix Friedman1996
Richard HealyInspector Tony Brady1996-97
Treffyn KoreshoffDavid Goldstein1996-99
John AdamMichael Jeffries1997
Anne TenneyGail Hawker1997-99
John WaltonWalton1997-99
Anthony MartinColin "Chopper" Lewis1997-01
Sonia ToddDet Snr Sgt. Louise Bradshaw1998
Allison CratchleyCst Emma Woods1998-01
Brooke SatchwellSophie Ferguson2000-01
Ingrid RuzSgt Vanessa Simmons2001
Roger CorserDet Snr Cst George Newhouse2001
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Cast photo
Cast photo