Water Rats: profiles

Peter Mochrie as John Harrison

Peter Mochrie

Knocker Harrison is an old-style Sydney detective who's as feared by crims as he's loved by his mates. While he'd never hesitate to lend friends a hand to build a barbecue, for instance, his enemies would always wonder who's under the concrete. For to 'knock' someone in street jargon means to kill them.

Yet he always seems to stay one step ahead of everyone on both sides of the law. His clean-up rates are so impressive, no one likes to question his methods: having Knocker on the case is as good as guaranteeing a conviction. He's been working mainly with Kevin, the youngest of the Holloway brothers, who's learnt a lot about being streetwise. The bonds of friendship run deep with both Frank and Clarke.

Peter Mochrie had little hesitation in joining the WATER RATS cast. "I thought it would be the best gig in town," he says simply. "Hal McElroy makes great programs. He's not willing to settle for mediocrity. You pick up the scripts and they're real people on the page. The feeling on this is that we are going to create something that is going to become part of our culture"

Peter was also fascinated by the character he's playing. "Knocker and I have very little in common but as soon as I put the suit and tie on, Knocker comes out," he says. "I could never be a cop because I could never be part of a group. I'm more of a loner. Then again, Knocker is a loner but he tends to circle the pack."

"Knocker is so sharp, he cuts himself. He's an A-grade copper but he bends the rules more than anyone else. If there's a point of no return he's prepared to go past it, so if you're going to try him out, you'd better be prepared for the consequences."

Peter has been appearing on television since he was 18 years old. His good looks have meant he was most often cast in playboy roles, or as the hero in series such as THE RESTLESS YEARS, SONS AND DAUGHTERS and the original NEIGHBOURS. After a decade of series television, he was accepted into NIDA. "My intuition was replaced by technique at NIDA and it's something I'm just starting to get back. NIDA was the best—and the worst—thing I've done." Since graduating in 1990, he has worked on BLUE HEELERS, GP and POWER RANGERS—THE MOVIE.