Water Rats: recycled actors

140 actors have made guest appearances as two different characters,
13 people have portrayed three characters,
but only one man has appeared as four different characters

Actor Character 1 Character 2 Character 3 Character 4
Gabrielle AdkinsBlood Trail (45) as KnoxDouble Blind (86) as Margot LyonsChinese Checkers (124) as Denise O'Dell 
Yvette AlcottSex Games (35) as Janice TowneOld Bones (83) as Loretta  
Andy AndersonQuad Squad (97) as Douglas CollinsFamily Values (150) as Brian Atchison  
Gabriel AndrewsFish Out Of Water (93) as RowanHigh Roller (154) as Luke  
John AndrewsKilo Hotel (11) as Jeremy's FatherThe Cleaner (52) as Fisherman #2Force Of Habit (107) as George Lawrence 
Stuart ArmstrongGhost Ship (3) as Quarantine OfficerTrue Blue (164) as Commander of Special Services  
Les AsmussenDouble Play (65) as Shop OwnerOne Good Turn (140) as Mr. Eggleston  
Michael BarnacoatThe Cleaner (52) as GovernorTangled Web (135) as Garth Harrington  
Rebecca BarrettDouble Blind (86) & Goes With The Territory (92) as NurseMother Love (99) as Doctor  
Tony BarryEnd of the Line (33) as Bill LambertJackpot (172) as Gerald Turner  
Blazey BestFloater (19) as Penny RandallShroud Lines (43), Hunting Season (44), Smile (49), and Deadfall (50) as Olivia "Livvy" Eaton  
Aaron BlabeyBlood Trail (45) & Dead Or Alive (46) as Gary TravisMr. Medium (114) & New Kid On The Block (115) as Doug Porter  
Madeleine BlackwellHeads of Tails (69) as Mira HuberLazarus (131) as Sister Dobinson  
Patrick BlackwellUntouchable (75) as Richard HollandThe Marrying Kind (167) as Glenn Riffle  
Ian BlissBlack Water (14) & Missing (20) as Colin FleetwoodPay The Piper (118) & Charlie's Pride (119) as Max Prescott  
John BoxerIron Man (4) as BouncerRed Light (103) as Commando #1Another Man's Poison (156) as Daren "Mad Dog" Murray 
Kristen BoysBlack Water (14) as Tanya RobertsonReunion (138) as Karla Green  
T'mara BuckmasterEpiphany (78) as Sarah AckroydOne Good Turn (140) as Lesley Fischer  
Owen BuickGoldie's Trip (37) as PeteThe Hungry Bear Blues (159) as Water Taxi Driver  
Liz BurchBad Blood (18) and Floater (19) as Susan WebbA Woman of Substance (85), Double Blind (86), and Santiago: Rain 27 (89) as Gillian Swain  
Michael BurgessLie Down With Dogs (6) as Sergeant CarpellaCut Off Point (87) as Neil Jenkins  
Brandon BurkeBang, Bang You're Dead (13) as Captain Rashid KassemDial C For Cop (96) as Lex Dalton  
Chris BurkeA Split Second (121) as JonesThe Hungry Bear Blues (159) as Laurie  
Simon BurkeBlood Trail (45) and Dead or Alive (46) as Det. Sgt "Mac" PhillipsAnother Man's Poison (156) as Terence  
Kelly ButlerDead in the Water (1 & 2) as Greta RitchiePinchgut (128) as Rebecca Beaufort  
Josephine ByrnesV.I.P. (7) as Agent CarterIt Happened One Night (153), High Roller (154), Shadow Man (155) as Acting Inspector Julia Goodwin  
Sally CahillBlack Water (14) as Janice BrockOld Bones (83) as Mrs. McNiece  
Peter CallanShroud Lines (43) as Ben TomosinoHeavy Metal (132) as Dan Rossi  
Xavier CanosaForce of Habit (107) as FitzyThe Thin Edge (160) as Santiaga Mosco  
Robert CarltonNot Fade Away (67) & Six Hundred Clear A Week (74) as Kiwi DaveBeaurocracy Rules, OK? (174) as Barry Elliot  
George CatsiOld Flame (17) as Second NurseShroud Lines (43) as Car Thief  
Beth ChampionA Little Knowledge (64) & Double Play (65) as Cheryl SimmsGot a Light? (120) as Samantha James  
Allan CinisCatch & Kill (5) as BrooksTruth or Dare (31) as Ken Ingram  
Salvatore CocoDead Or Alive (46) as Michael GalloA Day At The Office (109) and For Love Or Money (111) as Alex Grenville  
Anja ColebyDead in the Water (1) as Woman JoggerStolen Time (41) as Linda "Coco" Jones  
Blaise CooperDie For Me (61) as Steve WebbCan't Buy Me Love (104) as Scott Murphy   
Steve CoxFireworks (42) as Local Cop #2One For The Social Workers (56) as Det. AndersonDouble Blind (86) as Mick Lyons 
Jamie CroftSympathy for the Devil (57) as Danny BanksBroken English (162) as Rick Hawker  
Ian CrowHunting Season (44) as DoctorVigilante (147) as SOK Protestor  
Lynette CurranSympathy for the Devil (57) as Glenda LordTwo of a Kind (130) as Geraldine Sawyer  
Harry Dakanalisble To Leap Tall Buildings (123) as Darren PetersonDomino (152) as Thug #2  
Helen DallimoreEyewitness (15) as Katie WoodChinese Checkers (124), The Trouble with Gary (125) as Paula/Fiona  
Kieran Darcy-SmithGoldie's Trip (37) as DesNot Fade Away (67) as Xavier TullyCut Off Point (87) as Craig CastleBitter Legacy (168) as Stewart Renshaw
Kim DawsonFamily Ties (136) as CandyThe Thin Edge (160) as Goth Girl  
Michael DenkaDeadfall (51) as Terry BrownThe Marrying Kind (167) as Chicka (Maurice) Canter  
Christopher DibbNot Fade Away (67) as Det. Sgt. GriffithsRomeo Is Bleeding (68) as Sgt. Briggs  
David DownerGhost Ship (3) as Stephen VickerySympathy For The Devil (57) as Dr. Kim Donovan  
Adam Drummond Day To Remember (116) as Bill TelferThe Hungry Bear Blues (159) as Jason  
Michael DugganEnd of the Line (33) as CoronerTwo of a Kind (130) as Fred Gibbons  
Edmund FalzonSomebody to Love (77) as Lech ChojnackiLine of Duty (163) as Luca Skilati  
Bronwyn EatherThe Witness (51) as MagistrateMother Love (99) as Sybil Grantham  
Joel EdgertonEyewitness (15) as Pete CrosbyForce Of Habit (107) as Aaron Lawrence  
Jo EllicotStolen Time (41) as not givenFree as a Bird (105) as Reporter  
Tim ElstonI'm Home (100) as Charles HartleyHigh Roller (154) as Superintendant Bronson  
David FieldGoldie's Trip (37) and One Dead Rat (38) as Doug HarveyRemember This (147) & Vigilante (147) as Warren Reith  
Damian FoleyDead in the Water (1,2) as Danny ForrestDangerous Encounters (106) as Mark Davern  
Dan ForresterDangerous Encounters (106) as MudcrabberDomino (152) as Tadpole  
Grant GaleaWar Games (81) as Bobby PaulAnd The Winner Is… (176) as Stan Milton  
Christopher GallettiFireworks (42) as Bomb Squad LeaderThe Hungry Bear Blues (159) as Bomb Disposal Unit Commmander  
Julian GarnerSympathy For The Devil (57) as Det. Chris BorthwickOld Bones (83) as Hugo BjorlingRed Ice (170) as Ivan Ivanov 
Dina GillespieGoes With The Territory (92) as Carol FifeMates Rates (158) as Tanya Collins  
Julie GodfreyThe Messenger (39) & The Man in the Moon (40) as Emily MilesJackpot (172) as Delia Turner  
Marc GrayIron Man (4) as Todd MorrisEpiphany (78) as Iain Briggs  
Kenny GrahamGoldstein & Son (10) as ShermanRobbo's Ghost (169) as Harry Tully  
Douglas HedgeBang Bang You're Dead (13), Smile (49), The Witness (52) as Norman "Skip" TowneReunion (138) as Jimmy Foster  
Damon HerrimanFireworks (42) as Gerry BourkePlay it Again (121) & Split Second (122) & The Devil You Know (166) as Todd Grierson  
Noel HoddaSex Games (35) as Simon WaverlySaltimbocca (126) and Jump in the Mouth (127) as Bobby Weaver  
Philip HolderEyewitness (15) and Pay Back (16) as Paul RobsonFair Cop (84) as Reg Hardcastle  
Inge HornstraBehind Closed Doors (59) and The Long Haul (60) as Carly HerbertJump in the Mouth (127) as Margie Goodwin  
Paul HuntOld Dog, Old Tricks (62) as CurlyVigilante (147) as Glen Cook  
Tim HunterShroud Lines (43) as Sam MeyerBloody Kids (58) as Mick  
Anthony IngersentShroud Lines (43) as PathologistOne Good Turn (140) as Henry Carter  
Tara JakszewiczImport/Export (29) as Cathy MullenThe Last Hurrah (148) & Bye Bye Charlie (149) as Sheera Wilson  
Helene JoyThe Shaft (8) as Lucy WhiteSex Games (35) as Gina Downie  
David JoblingMozzie (141) as CleanerOdds On (157) as Irate Punter #2  
Sean KennedyBehind Closed Doors (59) as Matthew JenningsBitter Legacy (168) as Jason Truscott  
Kim KnuckeyKilo Hotel (11) as Sergeant John ThompsonGoes With The Territory (92) as Noel GearyTrue Believer (151) as Inspector Doug Maxwell 
Bogdan KocaThe Cleaner (52) as Tomek MorawskiEnd Game (90) as Mohammed Yassin  
Mark LeeWrecked (24) as Harry PierceMummy Dearest (129) as Travis Dewar   
Monette LeeDie For Me (61) as Elain OwensFamily Values (150) as Marion Atchison  
Guy LeslieDie For Me (61) & Old Dog, Old Tricks (62) as Leonard PatrickTomorrow Never Comes (91) as Tim Mason   
Michael LillSantiago: Rain 27 (89) as PriestBlood Relations (95) as Brett Patterson  
Matthew LongMessage From The Dead (25) as Mick CrowleySmile (49) as Peter StewartShark Bait (108) as Darren Davies. 
Danielle LongDead Or Alive (46) as Shelley ConwayFree As A Bird (105) as Bronwyn Haig  
Bruce LoveHonour Amonst Thieves (79) as Security GuardThe Devil You Know (166) as Sergeant Manning  
Julie LoweShroud Lines (43) as CelebrantMummy Dearest (129) as Shopkeeper  
Scott LoweDial C For Cop (96) as Reg MiltonWith A Vengeance (145) as Sean Kelly  
Andrew McFarlaneA Day To Remember (116) as Patrick KernaghanThe Marrying Kind (167) as Doug McLaren  
Ian McGregorNot Fade Away (67) as Hospital OfficerThe Devil You Know (166) as Gunman  
Mike McKayRecalled To Duty (27) as Birch DoubleRecalled To Duty (27) as Warder  
Zachery McKayGive Me Money (32) as Colin MitchellBloody Kids (58) as Mad Johnno Horswell  
Diana McLeanFor Old Times' Sake (55) as TrishIt Happened One Night (153) as Elizabeth Cartland  
Mitchell McMahonFireworks (42) and Let The Dead (71) as Rick HawkerDouble Blind (86) as Greg Hardy  
Kristen MannOld Flame (17) as Ron MasonImport/Export (29) as Bill Campbell  
Jay ManneringShroud Lines (43) as David AnthonyGot a Light? (120) as Alan Davies  
Jack MayersLie Down With Dogs (6) and The Shaft (8) as Constable PearsonLet The Dead (71) as Billy Smith  
Elizabeth MaywaldSoft Target (66) as KarenRobbo's Ghost (169) as Celeste Robinson  
Andrew James MeadClosed Ciruit (28) as Garth MorrisFair Cop (84) as Hotel ClerkAnother Man's Poison (156) as Peter Watson 
Nick MeenahanAs Fast as You Can (53) as JonesWe Could Be Heroes (142) as Bobby LeRoux  
Mike MillerFireworks (42) as Security GuardEpiphany (78) as Principal Barry Flannery  
Marin MimicaGoldie's Trip (37) and One Dead Rat (38) as David LapinskiFinal Chapter (142) as Brett Kimble  
Kenneth MoraledaEyewitness (15) as Tony NguyenTomorrow Never Comes (91) as Kevin Gilberts  
Alex MorcosCatch & Kill (5) and Lie Down With Dogs (6) as Mario RispoliStolen Time (41) as Ellery Mason  
Rene NaufahuDiminished Responsibility (72) as Tony RockWith a Vengeance (145) as Sammy Taufa  
Linda NewtonThe Long Haul (60) as JaneTangled Web (135) as Felicity  
Michela NoonanWar Games (81) as RebeccaSaltimbocca (126) and Jump in the Mouth (127) as Catarina Luvece  
Peter O'BrienRetribution (48) as Trebor AdlerPlay it Again (121), Split Second (122), The Devil You Know (166) as Matthew Grierson  
Jillian O'DowdDial C For Cop (96) as Sonia DoyleBitter Legacy (168) as Julie Renshaw  
Niki OwenShroud Lines (43) as Lou DrakeIt Happened One Night (153) as Mary Dugdale  
Paul PantanoThe Messenger (39) as RapRomeo is Bleeding (68) as Max Ryde  
Chris ParkerClosed Circuit (28) as Marie VincentBitter Legacy (168) as Renee Burns  
Janine PenfoldLet The Dead (71) as Club SecretaryMr. Medium (115) as Jeanette Rismore  
Tove PettersonClosed Circuit (28) as Melanie ShieldsAble To Leap Tall Buildings (123) as Miranda Holdsworth  
Marc PowerBlack Water (14) as Indentikit ExpertFor Love Or Money (111) as Colin Phipps  
Bronte PulmanMissing (20) as Baby FleetwoodMessage From The Dead (25) as Baby Tam  
Wayne PygramDouble Blind (86) as Joe BoydTrue Believer (151) as Paul Smith Snr  
Barry QuinHunting Season (44) as Rafe JohanssenThe Devil You Know (166) as David Farraday  
Graham RhodesFloater (19) as GordonEnd Of The Line (33) as Graham  
Jan RingroseIron Man (4) as Mrs. CarsonVigilante (147) as SOK Protestor  
Ronald RodgerLie Down With Dogs (6), The Shaft (8), Pay Back (16), Unfinished Busines (22) as Snr Cnst. O'BrienAll At Sea (47) as GMO  
Steve RodgersThe Jigsaw Man (12) as PetersFish Out Of Water (93) as Johnny Cava  
Richard RoweIn The Family Way (88) as WilloThe Hungry Bear Blues (159) as The American  
Rodney SamuelDouble Play (65) as George TopolinoCharlie's Pride (119) as Boat CaptainPinchgut (128) as NPWS Officer 
Lindy SardelicMessage From the Dead (25) and Knocker (26) as JoanneSaltimbocca (126), Jump in the Mouth (127) as Maria Luvece  
Marcus SchultzMissing (20) as Ranger #2Message From The Dead (25) as Dennis Wheeler  
Helen ScottIron Man (4) as Joy GodfreyOld Bones (83) as Mary Beth Endicott  
Morna SeresGhost Ship (3) as AngieTomorrow Never Comes (91) as Simone McGinty  
Terry SerioV.I.P. (7) and The Shaft (8) as Lieutenant Con VellisA Little Knowledge (64) as Oliver UnwinLow Blows (134) as Martin LambJackpot (172) as Kelvin Hastings
Sal SharahCatch & Kill (5) and Lie Down With Dogs (6) as Mr. RispoliLast Impressions (82) as George  
David SpencerThe Witness (51) as Jack HamptonFree as a Bird (105) as Des Moylan  
Yves SteningGoldie's Trip (37) as Scott BriggsSaltimbocca (126) as Terry Meares  
Lisa StoneBlood Relations (95) as Alice KeaganBitter Legacy (168) as Brenda Hoskins  
Genevieve SulwayLazarus (131) as Elaine MartinBitter Legacy (168) as Miriam Truscott  
Peter SumnerRomeo is Bleeding (68) as John BarnesTrue Blue (164) as Carl Sexton  
Mark SymingtonPay-Back (16) as Senior SergeantEnd Of The Line (33) as DEA OfficerWe Could Be Heroes (142) as Nathan Twibble 
Leah TanseyThe Jigsaw Man (12) as Girl on YachtRomeo is Bleeding (68) as Samantha Barnes  
Colin TaylorRetribution (48) as Alan WhittakerTwo of a Kind (130) as Darcy Sawyer  
David TerryGhost Ship (3) as Warren MartinSoft Target (66) as Darren  
Helen ThomsonPay-Back (16) as Anne HarveyAnother Man's Poison (156) as Nerida  
Christopher TomkinsonIron Man (4) as Detective Constable Brad PiperOdds On (157) as David Binns  
Sky TseDeath In The Family (9) as Captain HuangRespect (23) as Hunan Clan Leader  
John TuttPay-Back (16) as Grant DavisNew Kid On The Block (115) as Gino Azzura  
Will UsicTruth or Dare (31) as RolloFamily Values (150) as Rod Atchison  
Bruce VenablesAll at Sea (47) as Tom ClancyWe Could Be Heroes (142) as Stan Morrow  
Gary VincentShroud Lines (43) as the Skipper of the BountyDie For Me (61) as Fred Dryden  
Gary WaddellCatch & Kill (5) and Lie Down With Dogs (6) as Billy PopeLoose Ends (137) as Tony Haxby  
Pete WaltersDomino (152) as Federal Cop Happened One Night (153) as Dennis Dugdale  
John WaltonGhost Ship (3) as Constable #2Numerous as WaltonFinal Chapter (143) as Lindsay 
Skye WanseyEyewitness (15) as Penny ReevesHeavy Metal (132) as Lea Rossi  
Carmen WarringtonFloater (19) as Mrs. ScaliImport/Export (29) as Psychologist  
David WhitneyEpiphany (78) as Matt BarnesFamily Ties (136) as Poppy TrubigoffRed Ice (170) as Sergei Kassinov 
Linden WilkinsonOld Flame (17) as MoiraCan't Buy Me Love (104) as Elaine Johnson  
Joseph WilliamsMessage From The Dead (25) as Yobbo #1New Kid On The Block (115) as Freddo  
Rod ZuanicThe Messenger (39) as Peter SandsMr. Medium (114) as Rod Mann