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O Lucky Man

Episode 2.12
April 27, 2009 (8.30)
Ratings: 1.705 million viewers (4th)
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Tony Tilse

With Kiwi Terry facing murder charges in England and Aussie Bob on the run, the Australian heroin business suddenly had space for a whole new gang of players — there was a vacuum. And the one thing nature abhors is a vacuum...

Sensing this unrest could be good for business, Chris "Mr Rent-a-Kill" Flannery moves to Sydney to build his deadly reputation. He quickly makes friends with the people that matter, including the big man himself — George Freeman.

While on remand in the UK awaiting trial for the murder of Marty Johnstone, Terry Clark proposes to his lover Karen Soich. Could it be that Terry has finally learnt how to love? Meanwhile, Terry's former lover Allison Dine faces the reality of testifying against Terry. But despite the support of the Australian Federal Police, she's terrified of coming face-to-face with Terry in an open courtroom.

In Ireland, Bob Trimbole uses his gift of the gab to dive into arms smuggling for the IRA. But for all his industriousness, he's a sick man, one whose body clock is ticking loudly.

Back in Australia, the Federal Police set up a sting to flush out the mole within their ranks. But while it means risking the success of a major drug bust, the operation has an unexpected benefit — the chance arrest of Bob Trimbole's confidante, Frank Tizzoni. Tizzoni is willing to cut a deal to protect himself, and provides the Feds with information that cracks open the mystery of Donald Mackay's disappearance.


  • Dustin Clare as Chris Flannery
  • Teo Gebert as Laurie Prendergast
  • Anthony Simcoe as Danny Chubb
  • Brendan Donoghue as Mick Sayers
  • Paul Ireland as Tony Eustace
  • Peter O'Brien as George Freeman
  • Wadih Dona as Nick Paltos
  • Ian Roberts as Barry
  • Peter Phelps as Joe Messina
  • Jonny Pasvolsky as Dave Priest
  • Dieter Brummer as Trevor
  • Matt Passmore as Warwick Mobbs
  • Reg Larner as Irish Musician
  • Roy Billing as Bob Trimbole
  • Suzannah McDonald as Ann-Marie Presland
  • Paul Tassone as Dennis Kelly
  • Daniel Roberts as Jim Egan
  • Asher Keddie as Liz Cruickshank
  • Georgina Haig as Georgina
  • Mike Duncan as Roger Wilson
  • Greg Robinson as EK Tan
  • Lindsay Dawson as Ray Locksley
  • Aaron Cottrell as Jamie Smith
  • Matthew Newton as Terry Clark
  • Katie Wall as Karen Soich
  • Caroline Kemp as WPC Jenny Worthington
  • Michael Mabram as Clerk of Courts
  • Nathy Gaffney as Mrs Soich
  • Tony Poli as Frank Tizzoni
  • Brett Sheerin as Victrian Cop
  • Nathaniel Purdon as Hippy
  • Anna Hutchison as Allison Dine
  • John McNeill as Lennie McPherson
  • David Downer as Simpson QC
  • Martin Jacobs as DCI Peter Newhouse
  • Helen Tonkin as Judge Dame Rose Heilbron
  • Patrick Connolly as Foreman of the Jury
  • Greg Robinson as Flannery Stunt Double
  • Brett Sheerin as Prendergast Stunt Double
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator


  • "Black Eyed Bruiser" performed by Stevie Wright
  • "Lounge Erotica" performed by Sonoton
  • "Kat Nazar" performed by Powersolo
  • "Faith" performed by The Harpoons
  • "Balinese Massage" performed by Encore Merci
  • "Flute Tease" performed by Beat Bites
  • "Danny Boy" performed by Herb Patten