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A Nice Little Earner

Episode 2.07
March 16, 2009
Ratings: 2.174 million viewers (1st)
Written by Kris Mrksa
Directed by Tony Tilse

Terry Clark is looking to get out of the Australia and New Zealand sectors of his heroin business, and concentrate on the European market instead. In an audacious move he offers to sell his stake to Bob Trimbole. As part of his business plan, Terry lets Allison in on some key business secrets to ensure his interests are protected.

Trimbole seeks to fund the business acquisition via the purchase of marijuana from green-skin Michael Hurley. But when the deal goes wrong and Hurley is sprung by the cops, Trimbole must call in some favours from his corruptible friends in law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the bodies of drug couriers Doug and Isabel Wilson are found in a shallow grave. This puts enormous heat on both Terry and Bob. Terry is in Singapore on drug business, and is forced to go into hiding with his family. Bob, who arranged the hit for Terry via with his favourite hitman, 'Fred', has an extra issue to consider — if the Wilson's bodies can be found so easily, what's to say Don Mackay won't float to the surface somewhere too?


  • Anna Hutchison as Allison Dine
  • Matthew Newton as Terry Clark
  • Gareth Reeves as Doug Wilson
  • Simone Kessell as Isabel Wilson
  • Scott Burgess as Jim Bazley
  • Tony Poli as Frank Tizzoni
  • Roy Billing as Bob Trimbole
  • Damian De Montemas as Brian Alexander
  • Ria Vandervis as Kay Reynolds
  • Peter O'Brien as George Freeman
  • Ian Roberts as Barry
  • Wadih Dona as Nick Paltos
  • Josh McConville as Michael Hurley
  • Jonny Pasvolsky as Dave Priest
  • John Wood as Murray Farquhar
  • Paul Tassone as Dennis Kelly
  • Dieter Brummer as Trevor
  • Daniel Roberts as Jim Egan
  • Duncan Young as Jeff Crawford
  • Russell Newman as Colin Woods
  • Tony Llewellyn Jones as Prime Minister
  • Anthony Phelan as Merv Wood
  • Daniel Lissing as Jogger
  • Peter Phelps as Joe Messina
  • Asher Keddie as Liz Cruickshank
  • Damon Gameau as Andy Maher
  • Harold Hopkins as George Joseph
  • Suzannah McDonald as Ann-Marie Presland
  • Joe Morizzi as Padrini #1
  • Jenna Lind as Maria Muhary
  • Cooper Gibson as Jarrod Clark
  • Matt Passmore as Warwick Mobbs
  • Ashley Fairfield as Doug Stunt Double
  • Ingrid Kleinig as Isabel Stunt Double
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator


  • "Clap Down" performed by Beat Bites
  • "Never" performed by The Earls
  • "Let The Little Girl Dance" performed by Billy Bland
  • "Nga Ley" performed by Khuan Kaung Maung
  • "Spend The Night" performed by Cheetah