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The Brotherhood

Episode 2.11
April 20, 2009 (9.30)
Ratings: 1.803 million viewers (2nd)
Written by Kris Mrksa
Directed by Grant Brown

Things are returning to normal for George Freeman; he survived a shooting, his casinos are back in operation and his fiancée — the well-bred, incandescent Georgina — is the blonde icing on the cake.

Down in Melbourne, the Coronial inquest into the Wilsons' deaths kicks off. Bob Trimbole and Brian Alexander both avoid testifying on the grounds of avoiding self-incrimination, but lawyer John Aston — whose legal practicing certificate is contingent on him being of good character — can't weasel out that easy.

Still recovering from her humiliation during her previous experience as a crown witness, Allison testifies with trepidation. But this time her credibility is not questioned and her testimony is accepted. It's a huge win for Joe Messina and the Feds. Not only does the Coroner believe Allison's shocking evidence, he recommends a Royal Commission into the Mr Asia drug syndicate, which would force Bob and Brian to testify or be served with contempt charges.

Despite this, Bob thinks he's untouchable and throws a party. But Brian's unpopularity worsens; he's hassling George Freeman, the corrupt NSW police are fearful he'll roll over and testify against them; even Bob Trimbole — who's normally everybody's mate — turns his back on him. Clearly Brian has become a liability, and drastic action needs to be taken against him.

Meanwhile, there is conflict within the Joint Task Force over how to deal with Bob Trimbole. Some want to keep him under surveillance while they crack a large drug importation he's involved in, while others are concerned he's a flight risk. But unbeknownst to the Federal Police hierarchy, there is a mole within the Feds who threatens to create havoc with their investigation

After receiving a tip off that he's about to be arrested, Bob pegs it to the airport with the Feds close on his tail. The police have issued a passport alert so the odds are high Bob will be stopped at the airport — but Bob's a man who's never been shy to roll the dice…


  • Catherine Jermanus as Classy Woman [Melanie]
  • Damian De Montemas as Brian Alexander
  • Peter O'Brien as George Freeman
  • Ian Roberts as Barry
  • Georgina Haig as Georgina
  • Mick Hodge as Bouncer
  • Ashley Fairfield as Brian Alexander Stunt Dbl
  • Suzannah McDonald as Ann-Marie Presland
  • Roy Billing as Bob Trimbole
  • Matt Passmore as Warwick Mobbs
  • Peter Phelps as Joe Messina
  • Asher Keddie as Liz Cruickshank
  • Jonny Pasvolsky as Dave Priest
  • Paul Tassone as Dennis Kelly
  • Daniel Roberts as Jim Egan
  • Lewis Fitzgerald as John Aston
  • Phil Partridge as Uniformed Nsw Cop
  • Cameron Stewart as Solicitor
  • Kingsford-Smith as Coroner Leofric
  • Dirk Bromley as Clerk Of Court
  • Gary Jarjaoura as Clerk Of Court #2
  • Anna Hutchison as Allison Dine
  • Dieter Brummer as Trevor
  • Anthony Simcoe as Danny Chubb
  • Wadih Dona as Nick Paltos
  • Don Halbert as Barry Walker
  • Paul Winchester as Customs Officer
  • Liz Thurbon as Sonia Alexander
  • Marie & Alexus & Madison as Sefton Playhouse Pets
  • Jacqui James / Narrator Caroline Craig


  • "Settle The Score" performed by Cookin' On 3 Burners
  • "Don't Hate Me Baby" performed by Powersolo
  • "Throttle Jockey Demon" performed by The Detonators
  • "Solid Gold Easy Action" performed by T. Rex
  • "Fool" performed by Little Red
  • "Baby, You Aint's Looking Right" performed by Powersolo
  • "Blue Danube Waltz" performed by Flower Waltz
  • "Canon In D Major for Strings and Continuo" performed by