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Episode 2.08
March 23, 2009
Ratings: 2.073 million viewers (1st)
Written by Greg Haddrick
Directed by Shawn Seet

With Terry relocated to the UK, Allison is determined to get on with the Australian end of the business; crushing heroin, recruiting couriers and fending off increasingly desperate sensations of loneliness and isolation. But when a new courier is caught carrying a large amount of heroin into Australia, Allison is faced with a terrifying new challenge. The Federal Narcotics Bureau boys, led by Agent Jack Smith, are on her tail and prepared to play nasty. Smith pushes an already badly shaken Allison almost to the edge.

Meanwhile, George Freeman is unimpressed when his cop 'mates' shut down all nine of his illegal casinos in order to regain some credibility with the public. But a certain someone is also unimpressed with George Freeman. Perhaps because Freeman took his plumber Michael Hurley's wife Natalie into his home while Hurley was in The Philippines. Or perhaps because Freeman rigged a horse race without telling anyone. Whatever the reason, Freeman ends up with a bullet in the head… and it hurts like hell.


  • Anna Hutchison as Allison Dine
  • Matthew Newton as Terry Clark
  • Hunter Yeats as Jarrod Clark
  • Jenna Lind as Maria Muhary
  • Roy Billing as Bob Trimbole
  • Suzannah McDonald as Ann-Marie Pressland
  • Ria Vandervis as Kay Reynolds
  • Emma Leonard as Joyce Allez
  • Gareth Reeves as Doug Wilson
  • Peter Phelps as Joe Messina
  • Asher Keddie as Liz Cruickshank
  • Jonny Pasvolsky as Dave Priest
  • Wadih Dona as Nick Paltos
  • Matt Passmore as Warwick Mobbs
  • Peter O'Brien as George Freeman
  • John McNeill as Lennie McPherson
  • Ayeshah Khan as Natalie
  • Josh McConville as Michael Hurley
  • Peter Lamb as Johannes Muller
  • Ian Roberts as Barry
  • Samuel Johnson as Jack Smith
  • Daniel Roberts as Jim Egan
  • Paul Tassone as Dennis Kelly
  • Dieter Brummer as Trevor
  • Damian De Montemas as Brian Alexander
  • David O'Donnell as Agent #1
  • Aaron Hammond as Tim (Narc Agent)
  • Lewis Fitzgerald as John Aston
  • Katie Wall as Karen Soich
  • Marie Alexus Madison as Sefton Playhouse Pets
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator


  • "Total Control" performed by The Motels
  • "Take A Long Line" performed by The Angels
  • "Barbarella" performed by Archaeoptrix
  • "Running On Time" performed by Mr Jigga
  • "You Got What You Got" performed by Lashia Thein Aung
  • "Ready To Roll (Game On)" performed by Philadelphia Grand Jury
  • "Down Among The Dead Men" performed by Flash & The Pan