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The Reckoning

Episode 2.10
April 20, 2009 (8.30)
Ratings: 1.826 million viewers (1st)
Written by Felicty Packard
Directed by Grant Brown

Terry's plan to get rid of his business partner, Marty Johnstone backfires when his butchered remains are discovered in the UK. Under intense questioning, Marty's best mate Andy Maher confesses his role in the murder and implicates Terry Clark. The police swoop on Terry's London home and arrest him. Confronted by a troubling amount of evidence, Terry reacts as he would in New South Wales: he offers substantial bribes to the investigating police. But these UK police have different standards andTerry ends up behind bars awaiting trial.

Back in Australia, the Joint Task Force is delighted to learn of Terry's capture. Dave Priest is hopeful Terry's imprisonment will help blow the lid on their investigation into the heroin trade and systemic police corruption. His colleague Joe Messina is itching to question Clark about the murder of Doug and Isabel Wilson — the drug couriers whose corpses wrenched open this can of worms.

To help apply pressure on Terry and co, the Feds use their FBI contacts to have Allison Dine arrested in the U.S. The Feds want to questions her about the Mr Asia syndicate. They still think she is a minor player in the syndicate, and are shocked to learn the full extent of her involvement. Allison is now determined to turn her life around, to make some amends for her life of crime. She agrees to go into protective custody and become a Crown witness. But when Allison testifies at a committal hearing for corrupt law clerk Brian Alexander, the defence lawyer utterly discredits her. Charges against Alexander are dropped and Allison is humiliated.

Meanwhile, Terry's demise is putting enormous pressure on his underworld associates in Australia. Dodgy Doctor Nick Paltos is sinking deeper into debt and Aussie Bob Trimbole's heroin supplies are drying up. To make matters worse, Bob's prostrate is becoming a major health problem. The two keep busy by planning a massive smuggling operation of cannabis resin from Lebanon.


  • Damon Gameau as Andy Maher
  • Leonine Smith as London Prostitute
  • Martin Jacobs as DCI Peter Newhouse
  • Sam Haft as DS Geoffrey Fleming
  • Jonny Pasvolsky as Dave Priest
  • Asher Keddie as Liz Cruickshank
  • Matt Passmore as Warwick Mobbs
  • Peter Phelps as Joe Messina
  • John C. Goad as English Farmer
  • Aaron Cottrell as Jamie Smith
  • Neal Horton as London Police Officer #1
  • Brett Sheerin as London Police Officer #2
  • Katie Wall as Karen Soich
  • Matthew Newton as Terry Clark
  • Caroline Kemp as WPC Jenny Worthington
  • Anna Hutchison as Allison Dine
  • Roy Billing as Bob Trimbole
  • Damian De Montemas as Brian Alexander
  • Wadih Dona as Nick Paltos
  • Lewis Fitzgerald as John Aston
  • Samuel Johnson as Jack Smith
  • Paul Tassone as Dennis Kelly
  • Don Halbert as Barry Walker
  • Daniel Roberts as Jim Egan
  • Suzannah McDonald as Ann-Marie Presland
  • Niall Faber as Prison Guard
  • John Adam as Defence Lawyer
  • John Bailey as Magistrate
  • Tony Llewellyn-Jones as Malcolm Fraser
  • Seamus Smith as Commonwealth Detective
  • Anthony Simcoe as Danny Chubb
  • Marie & Alexus & Madison as Sefton Playhouse Pets
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator


  • "I've Got The Power" performed by Stevie Wright
  • "Murder" performed by Kini Dzajkovski
  • "Santa Lucia" performed by Sonoton