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Spilt Kisses

Episode 2.10
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Paul Moloney

With Sean's intentions now out in the open, fantasy and reality are blurring for Nat. Provoked by a particularly intimate gesture from Sean, Nat realises she needs to make a step towards a real human connection. Mark refuses to accept that, given particular circumstances, things are over with Mel, while Chloe is missing Bonnie more than ever and discovers her daughter is feeling the same. Meanwhile, after returning home into the eye of a media storm, Lauren is introduced into high society by Mel — and she is treated like a star.

Music: none

Guest Starring:

  • Dustin Clare as Sean
  • Rod Mullinar as Jimmy Burraston
  • Bernard Curry as Jack
  • Tanya Burne as Eloise
  • Rebecca Moore as Bonnie
  • Tambyln Lord as Bill
  • Liam Hemsworth as Marc
  • Simon Maiden as Smith
  • Ezra Bix as David
  • Julie Eckersley as Deborah
  • Paul Dawber as Hugh