Satisfaction: episode guide


Episode 2.09
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Paul Moloney

Mel has a new client, Marc, who is very young and very eager. Confident, fun, and with access to plenty of money he makes her feel invigorated and is precisely the frivolous diversion Mel needs in her life at the moment. Nat becomes aware she has feelings for Sean and Heather's having trouble disengaging from Jack, overwhelmed by the heterosexual feelings he continues to unleash in her.

Music: "Hanging High" written by Lykke-Li Zachrisson/Bjorn Yttling

Guest Starring:

  • Dustin Clare as Sean
  • Rod Mullinar as Jimmy Burraston
  • Bernard Curry as Jack
  • Tanya Burne as Eloise
  • Tambyln Lord as Bill
  • Liam Hemsworth as Marc
  • Kate Jenkinson as Jemima
  • Ezra Bix as David
  • Anthony Gooley as Noel
  • Petra Kalive as Policewoman
  • Chris Nolan as Client X
  • Sage Godrei as Sex Worker
  • Mete Erdogan as Marc's friend
  • Nick Hartigan as Chauffeur