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Pony Girl

Episode 2.02
Tue, December 09, 2008
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Paul Moloney

A new client forces Heather to realise that beneath her liberal facade she does have certain boundaries. Spurred on by a car salesman client and looking for some adventure, Lauren buys herself a new car and becomes a lead foot. Tippi takes on Martin, a client who made Chloe distinctly uncomfortable, and whilst working at 232 fixing the sound-system, Josh is confronted by the reality of Chloe's work. Sensing he's troubled, Tippi's on hand to distract him.

Music: "Rollercoaster" performed by Machine Gun Fellatio

Guest Starring:

  • Sullivan Stapleton as Josh
  • Andrew Blackman as Tom
  • Tony Poli as Reuben
  • Paul Denny as Martin
  • Marco Venturini as Jose
  • Martin Grimwood as Abdul
  • Douglas Brook as X Room Playmate
  • Jacquie Thomas as X Room Receptionist
  • Lex Coleman as X Room Patron
  • Peter Derrick as Drinking Client
  • Kristie Jandric as Rosie