Satisfaction: episode guide

A Good Eye For Shoes

Episode 2.05
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Catriona McKenzie

Lauren is approached by Fiona, the wife of upcoming politician Terence O'Neil, to seduce her husband. Gleaning Fiona's motivation is to control her husband, Lauren's curiosity gets the better of her and she accepts the job. Mel receives a visit from Tippi's mum, who forces her to question her role in Tippi's life. Josh leaves on tour with his band, and Chloe has a very enjoyable session with Bill who surprisingly doesn't want sex.

Note: as explained by producer Roger Simpson in the post-episode "Satisfaction Revealed" segment, the character of Tippi was written out of the series to allow Bojana Novakovic to take advantage of opportunities in hollywood

Music: "The Letter" performed by Xavier Rudd

Guest Starring:

  • Sullivan Stapleton as Josh
  • Dustin Clare as Sean
  • Steven Vidler as Terence
  • Maria Theodorakis as Fiona
  • Jonny Pasvolsky as Zoron
  • Tamblyn Lord as Bill
  • Sue Jones as Eileen
  • Roger Oakley as Greg
  • Steve Adams as Sheedy
  • Kristie Jandric as Rosie
  • Meredith Sherlock as Missy
  • Pietro Chiesi as Ralph
  • Phil Pollard as Colsen
  • Veronica Porcaro as Briget
  • Graham Jahne as Waiter