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All Those Monkeys

Episode 2.07
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Terence suspects Lauren is a sex-worker, but just as Lauren realises she now has feelings for Terence, he suffers a heart-attack and Lauren's left in an almighty mess. A sex worker, in a hotel room with a dying politician — what on earth is she supposed to do? Meanwhile, with Mum gone, Mel and Sean kick back and enjoy the peace. But Gillian is closer than they think — she's hanging around 232. Heather's troubled when she has a spectacular orgasm with Jack — the first time it has happened with a man.

Music: "Breathe With Me" performed by Tinymusic

Guest Starring:

  • Dustin Clare as Sean
  • Jacki Weaver as Gillian
  • Steven Vidler as Terence
  • Maria Theodorakis as Fiona
  • Tamblyn Lord as Bill
  • Bernard Curry as Jack
  • Tanya Burne as Eloise
  • John Orcsik as Eric
  • Kate Jenkinson as Jemina
  • David Cormick as Paramedic
  • Adam Ford as Concierge