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The Truth Is Out There

Episode 1.08
November 02, 2016
819,000 viewers (6th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Peter Salmon

When Hugh gets licence to perform minor surgeries, he's desperate to find a patient who needs to go under the knife. Unfortunately he gets interrupted when Floyd climbs on the roof of his school and will only listen to Hugh. He's able to talk Floyd down, but Penny starts to worry about how much time Hugh is spending with her son. At a family dinner, Meryl announces that she's going to run for Mayor, but no one is too thrilled about the idea.

Meanwhile, Hugh decides he wants to tell Ajax that he's his father, while Meryl and Jim are adamant that Ajax shouldn't find out. Determined to have his way, Hugh lets Charlie in on the secret, and before long it's leaked throughout the entire family. Meryl reluctantly agrees to tell Ajax, but insists they'll do it her way. However things don't go to plan — Hugh winds up getting his hand caught in the motor of the Ducati, and blurting it out in the worst way possible.


  • Winta McGrath as Floyd
  • Lucy Durack as Tugger
  • Alice Zahalka as Simone
  • Sam Fraser as Glen
  • Patti Howson as Mrs Daley
  • Ainslie McGlynn as Carl (O/S Voice on Phone)
  • Simon London as Travis
  • Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle
  • Judd Wild as Ajax Bike Double
  • Ben Toyer as Hugh Bike Double