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San Francisco

Episode 1.03
September 28, 2016
661,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Jeremy Sims

Hugh is concerned about Jim's health but as per usual, Jim doesn't want to talk about it. Penny reapportions the MRI machine funds — which is frustrating and untimely given Hugh's next patient has a head trauma. This frustration quickly turns to excitement, as Trevor, a colleague and co-pioneer in artificial heart research, turns up to show Hugh their new prototype. They trial the product on a pig they steal on a hunting trip and with the surprise help of Penny, they test its capability.

Meryl, meanwhile, is caught up in a heated political battle to be mayor, and at risk of scandal, she sets free the stolen pig, containing the $500K artificial heart. While Ajax and Trevor attempt to track down the prized pig, Hugh assists at a B&S Ball. Fueled by alcohol and impulse, Hugh makes moves on Charlie and goads Meryl's political opponent into a violent resolution. A revelation with his head trauma patient, causes Hugh to recalibrate his approach to life and medicine.


  • Jacek Koman as Trevor
  • John Batchelor as Nathan
  • Mark Simpson as Dale
  • Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle
  • Lucy Durack as Tugger
  • Timothy Parsons as Drunk Guy #1
  • Kyran Lynch as Drunk Guy #2
  • Daniel Lawrie as Injured Teenager
  • Patrick Diggins as Storeroom Boy #1
  • Joey Howe as Storeroom Boy #2
  • Mia Bowd as Drunk Girl
  • Ambrose McNamara as Teenage Girl
  • Nikki Petkovic as Snake Bite Girl
  • Jaxon Graham Wilson as Wanabe Doctor