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Home Sweet Home

Episode 1.02
September 21, 2016
821,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Peter Salmon

Hugh wakes up in a house he doesn't recognize, littered with the remnants of a big night and Aoife face down on the floor. Thankfully, she's alive. Upon seeing his hungover state, Penny, however, is not amused and orders him to provide yet another urine sample. Hugh extracts one from a young patient in return for a doctor's note — but unfortunately, it tests positive for cannabis.

Hugh's mood is boosted by a call from a Sydney surgeon in need of his help, but the respite is only fleeting as a 16-year-old pinned under a tractor tragically bleeds to death on Hugh's watch. This moment, along with a D&M with his old friend, Joey, who is facing a potential cancer diagnosis forces Hugh to reflect on his life choices.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in the Knight family, as a family dinner sparks old flames and tests new dynamics. In an effort to do something right, Hugh bails up his schoolfriend-turned-mining-magnate 'Big Nathan' for $40K and hands it over to Penny for much needed MRI machine, to her delight and great surprise. Giving him a second chance, Penny decides to not test another urine sample.


  • Dave Eastgate as Joey
  • Zoe Carides as Jill
  • Julia Savage as Schoolgirl
  • Ron Carr as Old Man
  • Rory Potter as Teenage Boy [Aaron Moore]
  • Mike Duncan as Quad Bike Driver
  • Lochie Nazer Hennings as Tanner Kid [James]
  • Stephen Leeder as Mr. Tanner
  • Janelle Packer as Mrs Tanner
  • Amy Kersey as Jane
  • John Batchelor as Nathan
  • Octavia Barron-Martin as Sally Peacock