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We Don't Need Another Hero

Episode 1.05
October 12, 2016
826,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Liz Doran
Directed by Kriv Stenders

Hugh becomes the town hero after footage goes viral of him saving a promising young footballer from a booby trapped paddock-turned-minefield. He is swiftly brought back down to reality after being accosted by Ajax for not being able to fix the footballer's hand, and also by Meryl for letting Ajax search the minefield for his friend's fingers. Matt, Charlie, Hugh, Aoife, Joey and Tugger all blow off some steam and get back to basics — a country-style lock-in with plenty of booze.

Charlie has a revelatory kiss, and tries to re-energise her relationship with Matt, only to collapse in pain. Hugh gains a deeper understanding of Penny and what it means to be a parent, while she grieves the anniversary of her husband's death. With Penny AWOL, Hugh must operate on Charlie's ectopic pregnancy. As she and Matt grow closer, Hugh turns to Aoife for some distraction. Hugh-style.


  • Lucy Durack as Tugger
  • Patrick Diggins as Anton
  • Aaron McGrath as Jai
  • Martin Broome as Liam
  • Winta McGrath as Floyd
  • Lester Morris as Old Man
  • Dave Eastgate as Joey