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I Don't Need Another Drink, Said Not Me Last Night!

Episode 1.04
October 05, 2016
763,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Alice Bell
Directed by Jeremy Sims

When Hugh is sued for malpractice he must travel back to Sydney to defend himself. He drags Matt along with him in an attempt to bond with his brother but it backfires when Matt is found in a comprising position with another woman.

Charlie is pushed to the limit by Meryl and takes revenge with a goat and Penny is put in a tricky position while safeguarding Hugh's complicated life. In misguided honesty Matt 'comes clean' with Charlie — while Joey delivers a shocking and life changing revelation to Hugh.

In a last ditch effort to pacify Henry's threats of suing, Hugh returns to Sydney with Ajax in tow and offers up his ocean view bachelor pad as compensation — big-city life is getting further and further away.


  • Cassie Osbourne as Kacey
  • Winta McGrath as Floyd
  • Julia Savage as Rachel
  • Peter Callan as Henry Goodearl
  • Ainslie McGlynn as Henry's Lawyer
  • Jennie Dibley as CWA Lady
  • Laura Jane O'Reilly as Receptionist
  • Dave Eastgate as Joey
  • Emily Russell as Gia
  • Michelle Lim Davidson as Becky
  • Jemma Rivera as Party Mum
  • Jeremy Sims as Mike
  • Gerlinde Erling as Old Lady [Dot]