Produced by Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group for Channel 5 (UK)
A United Kingdom - New Zealand Co-Production

Executive Producer: Raymond Thompson
Created by: Raymond Thompson & Harry Duffin
Producers: Declan Eames, Debra Kelleher-Smith

Aired: 1999 - 2003 (260 x 25min)

In the wake of a deadly virus that has wiped out the adult population, the children of the world must now survive on their own. The sophisticated hi-tech society created by their forefathers has collapsed into anarchy confusion and fear. It is in the dangerous new world where the tribes must construct a new culture in their own image and learn that in the aftermath of disaster there comes fresh opportunity and new responsibilty. The future is theirs to create.
Dwayne CameronBray
Beth AllenAmber
Caleb RossLex
Amy MorrisonZandra
Ryan RuncimanRyan
Ashwath SundarasenDal
Victoria SpenceSalene
Michael Wesley SmithJack
Zachary BestPaul
Sarah MajorPatsy
Jaimee Kaire-GatauluCloe
Antonia PrebbleTrudy
Daniel JamesZoot
Meryl CassieEbony
Keegan Fulford-WierzbickiGlen
Michelle AngTai San
Ari BoylandKC
David TaylorSasha
Ella WilksDanni
Jennyfer JewellEllie
Vanessa StaceyAlice
Damon AndrewsThe Guardian
Laura WilsonMay
Nick MillerPride
Jacob TomuriLt Luke
Georgia-Taylor WoodsBrady
Bevin LinkhornNed
Amelia ReynoldsTally
James OrdishAndy
Tom HernRam
James NapierJay
Dan WeekesVed
Monique CassieSiva
Megan AlatiniJava
Kelly StevensonDee
Jacinta WawataiMouse
Charley Murphy SamauCharlie
Lucas HaywardSammy
Mogan Palmer HubbardPatch
Calen Maiava-ParisMega
Matt RobinsonSlade
Fleur SavilleRuby
Jason GascoigneWizard
Frank BrownStats
Vicky RodewykGel
Joseph CrawfordDarryl
Beth ChotteLottie

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