Mcleod's Daughters: cast profiles

Aaron Jeffery as Alex Ryan

Alex Ryan is the eldest son living on the neighbouring property, Killarney. He works there, flying the company helicopter during mustering, after being expelled from two of the best boarding schools money could buy.

Alex has inherited the larrikin side of his father, and knows he’ll inherit Killarney. There’s a wild, mischievous streak in him. He can never resist stirring the pot, and sincerely believes he’s as tough as his father, and stronger than his brother.

Alex is a natural horseman who is obsessed with the gladiator-style competition of rodeo riding. He dreams of fame and fortune and is well known around the rodeo circuit as a daredevil.

Despite being a larrikin, or perhaps because of it, Alex fits in well with men from all walks of life and his natural affinity with the land earns him the respect of those who work under him at Killarney.

Alex’s bad boy image makes him a favourite with women, but he has a mate-like relationship with Claire, considering her to be his best friend. He sees Tess as a romantic and sexual challenge, and when this becomes obvious, Claire feels strangely betrayed.

"The opportunity to live and work in the country is my dream," said Aaron, who experienced farm life before being offered the role of Alex Ryan.

Despite growing up in a New Zealand city, he was drawn to rural Australia. He was working on a property in NSW, taking time out of his busy acting career, when he auditioned for the role of Alex Ryan. "The opportunity to combine farming and film-making was too good to resist," Aaron said. He relocated to South Australia (leaving his horses and cattle behind) and bought a 130-year-old stone cottage near the set of McLeod's Daughters.

Aaron says, with its female lead cast, the series is a "great benchmark for Australian television", and he relishes the role of Alex. "Playing a bronco rider is like a childhood dream," he said.

He finds he often plays darker characters, such as Prior in The Interview, and Alex in the theatre production of A Clockwork Orange. "This is the first chance I've had on a film to play the comic aspect, the larrikin," he said.

Aaron graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1993. His film credits include Strange Planet, The Interview, Carcrash, Square One and Good Fruit. Television roles include: Fire, Wildside, Water Rats and Blue Murder.