Mcleod's Daughters: cast profiles

Sonia Todd as Med Fountain

Meg moved to Drover’s Run with her ex-husband in 1977 to work as the housekeeper and nanny following the death of Jack’s first wife. Her husband left when she became pregnant with Jodi, but Meg had fallen in love with Drover’s Run and decided to stay.

Jack’s death rocks Meg’s world to the foundations. She thinks maybe it is a sign to move on, perhaps to where there are more opportunities for Jodi.

But things change when Tess and Claire decide to manage Drover’s Run. The spirit of adventure and a chance to stick it to certain members of the community who say it can’t be done draws Meg. Meg has always served others, and now she can be an equal member, and part of a team.

Meg is the mother figure in the series. She’s a warm-hearted person who embraces life no matter which way it turns because she has a sense of duty and a strong work ethic.

Sonia Todd was born in Adelaide but relocated to Sydney when she was two. She graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1985 and worked on five series of Police Rescue.

Her extensive television credits include The Potato Factory, Halifax f.p., Water Rats, Good Guys Bad Guys, Simone De Beauvoir's Babies, Mother and Son and A Country Practice. She also played Sylvia in Scott Hicks' feature film Shine. Sonia has had four Australian Film Institute nominations, (winning one for her work in Police Rescue) and won a silver Logie in 1994 for "Most Popular Actress on Australian Television."

Taking the role of Meg in McLeod's Daughters was a big commitment. "I knew what I was in for" she said. "Police Rescue was so blokey, now I'm finding my feminine side." Todd enjoys McLeod's Daughters because she likes being active and working outdoors. She loves the land, and the smell of pepper trees evokes happy childhood memories of holidays on her grandparents' property. "After playing a dark character like Hannah in The Potato Factory, she finds Meg life-affirming. "With Meg, the glass is always half-full. She makes the best of situations and has a natural joy of living."

Sonia is similar to Meg in that she feels "happy personally" with a great family life and two boys. "Meg accepts life's complexities. Not everything is black and white, she knows there are shades of grey. Meg loves to have a laugh and so do I."