Mcleod's Daughters: cast profiles

Jonny Pasvolsky as Rob Shelton

Rob grew up on the land and knows his way around a farm. But his reasons for taking up his new post at Killarney run deeper than any ambitions to command station hands or lead a muster. For reasons of his own he is unable to continue with his old life. He is here to coolly bide his time, preparing for a new one.

While Rob Shelton has the right references, there are some questionable gaps in his work history. He may have spent his formative years on the land but there doesn't look like there's been much of it under his nails recently. It's clear he's at ease in company—even if his manner is a little well-rehearsed. But cut him away from the pack and you can't help wondering who his real friends are and what his life involves. Whatever it is, there is a troubled current running through him. Of course, he'll shrug it off with a joke if anyone calls him on it. But this hidden side of Rob is something everyone who gets close to him will eventually have to face.

Rob left home to start studying an agricultural economics degree at university in Sydney. To help pay for his studies he took work in a flash city bar. He'd always had a silver tongue and quickly rose to manage the place on the late shifts. This was soon far more interesting than his university studies and in his second year he deferred the course.

It was at the bar that he met again his gorgeous wife, Anna. Rob always held a special place for Anna since they met in his first year of university. Back then he was content to take it slow—and anyway he didn't think she noticed him. Like Rob she was reared on a country property and when he met her afresh she was working in marketing. This time around the romance was swift. Why waste time when you realise you have found your soul mate?

And then Rob's life became seriously complicated. His world filled with secrets.

By the time Rob arrives at Killarney to work, his well-honed bar charm is rarely seen. Rob keeps to himself, gives nothing away, and privately there is a hollowness haunting him. He is biding his time. In control. He has to be if he is to have his moment.