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Part 3

Sunday, August 24, 2003
Screenplay: Ian David
Director: Graeme Burfoot

The dramatic finale to author Robert Drewe's compelling story of the inescapable bonds of family. Of an obsessive mother's fierce love for her child. Of a son's need for his parents' approval. And of the guilt that occurs when the two collide.

Robert and Ruth are hastily married and find themselves ostracised from friends, family and society. When Ruth gives birth to their son, Robert is devastated to discover that no one wants to share his joy. Dorothy's distress over her son's actions is so great that she falls dangerously ill.

A killing spree occurs with three murders in one night. A woman is found strangled and raped on her neighbour's lawn. Six months later, another woman is shot dead.

The serial killer is finally arrested and Robert finds himself in court reporting on the trial. In a moment of distraction he shares a wink with the condemned man—a wink that will haunt the young writer for years to come.


  • Tim Draxl as Robert Drewe
  • Leeanne Walsman as Ruth Parnham
  • William McInnes as Roy Drewe
  • Angie Milliken as Dorothy Drewe
  • Gracie Beck as Jan Drewe
  • Graham Bryant as Driver at Rottnest
  • Emma Booth as Roberta Ainslie
  • Caroline Mckenzie as Mosman woman
  • John Goldsmith as Retired gentleman
  • Geoff Kelso as Reverend Dowding
  • Warren Mitchell as Ralph Wheatley
  • Alison Roberts as Nurse
  • Bill Kerr as Mr Coleman
  • Maggie Anketell as Mrs Coleman
  • Kane Hanson as Baby James
  • Angus Edwards as Young Robert
  • Dan Wyllie as Eric Cooke
  • Dion Allen as Man in car
  • Pip Rowe as Woman in car
  • Bryan Chance as Brian Weir
  • Mark Maitland as Youth in frock shop
  • Eileen Colocott as Mrs Knopp
  • Fern Vallessi as Girl on bike
  • Ian Odlum as Watkins Man
  • Christine Moir as Woman with dog
  • Andrew Supanz as Billy Drewe
  • David Press as Detective Jenkins
  • Peter Docker as Detective Bunnings
  • George Shevtsov as Dr Synott
  • Ian Meadows as Ritchie Male
  • Dylan Londre as Friend 1
  • Heath Miller Friend 2
  • Vivienne Garrett as Mrs Halliday
  • Michael Loney as Mr Hatfield
  • Maurie Ogden as Justice Virtue
  • Dylan Clement as James (toddler)
  • Mason Richardson as Michael Cooke