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Part 1

Sunday, August 10, 2003 (ABC)
Screenplay: Ian David
Director: Graeme Burfoot

In this premiere episode, six year-old Robert Drewe and his family move from Melbourne to Perth. The young boy thinks it's paradise—a world of simple coastal pleasures, clear skies, trusting faces and nothing to threaten an abundance of small town friendliness and tranquility.

In a nearby suburb, a man with a harelip begins working for Robert's father. His life is punctuated by petty crime, false bravado, and a need to be noticed.

As Robert's mother Dorothy lies alone in bed one night, a smirking and knowing eye looks in through the bedroom window.


  • Tim Draxl as Robert Drewe
  • Andrew Hale as Prosecutor
  • San Wyllie as Eric Cooke
  • Andrew Warwick as Magistrate
  • Michael Loney as Ken Hatfield
  • Angus Edwards as Young Robert Drewe
  • Angie Milliken as Dorothy Drewe
  • Toby Edwards as Young Billy Drewe
  • Tilly Ozsdolay as One Legged Man
  • Richard Mellick as Passenger
  • William McInnes as Roy Drewe
  • Humphrey Bower as Jim Chute
  • Natasha Mutch as Gladys Chute
  • Ellen Cressey as School Teacher
  • Summer Williams as Posh girl 1
  • Caroline Duncan as Posh girl 2
  • Sophie Guyonnet as Posh girl 3
  • Caitlin Roberts as Posh girl 4
  • Zac Richard as Robert Drewe junior
  • Joshua Brennan as Nick Howell junior
  • Joshua York as as Billy Drewe junior
  • Liz Spencer as Mrs Howell
  • Stacey Newlands as Rosalie
  • David Press as Detective Jenkins
  • Peter Docker as Detective Bunnings
  • Geoff Miethe as Mr Palmer
  • Holly Sheppard as Noelene
  • Phil Bennett as Ants Man
  • Claire Van Der Boom as Woman Bowler
  • Melissa Cantwell as Sally Cooke
  • Mark McAullay as 'Gelignite' Jack Murray
  • Nick Sheppard as Sparrow Ranger
  • Tiarna & Lindsay Johnson as Young Jan
  • Bob Faggeter as Greengrocer
  • Narelle Cuneen as Buxom Woman
  • Marney Louise Commens as Woman on bike