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Part 2

Sunday, August 17, 2003
Screenplay: Ian David
Director: Graeme Burfoot

In this second episode, teenage Robert is reluctantly allowed by his parents to go on holiday with friends to Rottnest Island, known locally as the "Isle of Loose Girls". Hormones raging, he meets 14 year-old Roberta Ainslie.

Meantime, the city of Perth is shocked and in fear, reeling from the sudden and brutal murders of two women in their beds.

A year later, Robert returns to Rottnest and meets Ruth, with whom he begins a clandestine romance. As Robert starts a cadetship at The West Australian newspaper, he is hit with a shock announcement that devastates his family.


  • Tim Draxl as Robert Drewe
  • Dan Wyllie as Eric Cooke
  • William McInnes as Roy Drewe
  • Angie Milliken as Dorothy Drewe
  • Rebecca Walker as Wendy Schwaab
  • Fiona Cornelisse as Suzette Minchin
  • Shannen Still as Jenny Steinberg
  • Jaron Mitchell as Sten Gunn
  • Ben Young as "Dogs" Woodehouse
  • Sally Sainbury as Baker's Assistant
  • Marcus Whelan as Baker
  • Emma Booth as Roberta Ainslie
  • Geoff Gibbs as Mr Ainsley
  • Oliver Wenn as John Sturkey
  • Kazmir Sas as Simon Watson
  • Greg McNeill as Billy Graham
  • Nova Tranter-Rooke as Girl at Dance
  • Andrew Watson as Factory Manager
  • Michael McCall as Worker 1
  • Vito De Francesco as Worker 2
  • Bill McCluskey as Detective McMurry
  • Mike Frenchman as Detective Kommer
  • Andrew Supanz as Billy Drewe
  • Gracie Beck as Jan Drewe
  • Leeanne Walsman as Ruth Parnham
  • Janet Pettigrew as Bakers Assistant
  • Rhiannon Williams as Customer
  • Warren Mitchell as Ralph Wheatley
  • Miek Rodin as Detective
  • Eileen Colocott as Mrs Knopp
  • Melissa Cantwell as Sally Cooke