New Pizza

Episode 3.1
July 21, 2003

Pizza returns bigger, better and cheesier than ever. Pauly's a victim of road rage and nearly chokes a cop; Bobo attacks Leonard, his new and disabled apprentice; and Habib gets home detention for keeping a rocket in his backyard. The new series introduces Davo, who's new to the delivery game — he's on day release from jail; Slick, a rapper who can't rap and Rocky, the chick magnet.

Also: Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Greg Evans as Garden Host, Angry Anderson as Captain, Cornelia Frances as Welfare, Michael Veitch as Nerd, Chris Franklin as Dazza, Jakalene Milanovik as Shazza, Rebel Wilson as Toula, Muffy Potter as Davina, Miguel Contreras as Slick, Renzo Bellato as Nut, The Dickster as Immigration, Vulcan as Boyfriend, Sam Star as RSPCA, George Nassour as Habib's Mum, Skye Kelly as Girlfriend, Abang Othow as Rage Chick, June Townsend as Nut's Mum, Craig Benenna as Koala Guy, Noela Steel as Old Woman, Chris Wilson as Husband, Robyn O'Brien as Wife, Jason Gamma as Dodgy Leb, Ashur Shimon as Dodgy Guy, et al

Terrorism Pizza

Episode 3.2
July 28, 2003

The Fat Pizza crew have been seeing too many terrorism ads, which leads Jabba to beliving that Habib's a terrorist. Meanwhile Pauly tries to rescue captured hostages from City Link, while Bobo meets Prime Minister John Howard at the pizza shop.

Also: Chris Franklin as Dazza, Rebel Wilson as Toula, Muffy Potter as Davina, Jakalene Milanovik as Shazza, Phillip Scott as Prime Minister, John Mangos as Newsreader, Josh Szeps as Dubya Bush, et al

Cult Pizza

Episode 3.3
August 04, 2003

At the request of Bobo's mail-order bride, Pauly and the Fat Pizza staff are forced to dress up in elf suits as part of a Christmas in July promotion. Davo joins a new religion, the Church of Sexontology. Pauly falls victim to the stalker-switcheroo and runs afoul of the Yuletide Workers Union.

Also: Big Kev as 70s Santa, John S. Walker as Journo, Annalise Braakensiek as Space Chick, Mario Fenech as Shiba, Bessie Bardot as Shiba's Wife, Chris Franklin as Dazza, Jakalene Milanovik as Shazza, Rebel Wilson as Toula, Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Katrina Spadone as Kat, John Mangos as Newsreader, Waseem Khan as Car Guy, Martin O'Leary as Lino, Chris Moody as Santa Moody, Garry Dronfeld as Santa Garry, Greg Hurst as Santa Sam, Murray Harmon as Cop, Steve Johnson as Cop, Mikolai Habryn as Cult Leader, et al

School PIzza

Episode 3.4
August 11, 2003

Pauly and Davo reminisce about their school days, while Rocky and Habib attempt to pull off a ATM scam. Pauly tries to reconnect with his high school dream girl. Davo gives up smoking pot but the pot isn't ready to give up on Davo. Bobo is captivated by Claudia MacPherson's new tv network.

Also: Holly Brisley as Louise, Anh Do as Parking Cop, Su Cruickshank as Operator, Chris Franklin as Dazza, Jakalene Milanovik as Shazza, Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Waseem Khan as Kareem, Murray Harmon as Cop, et al

Road Trip Pizza

Episode 3.5
August 18, 2003

With Habib's girlfriend Toula in tow, Pauly, Rocky and Habib go on a road trip to Melbourne. Supermodel Claudia MacPherson is caught in the act with AFL player Dwayne Carey. With the boys away, Davo makes all the deliveries and has a top day, delivering to a pair of lesbians and hot twins. Lin Chow takes her driving test.

Also: Rebel Wilson as Toula, Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Warwick Capper as Dwayne, Annalise Braakensiek as Claudia, Tottie Goldsmith as Kinky Costas Killias as Husband, George Kapiniaris as Nanna, John Mangos as Newsreader, Dave O'Neill as Referee, Clarissa Morrison as Waitress; Murray Harmon & Aaron Hammond as Cops; George Nassour as Habib Mum, Waseem Khan as Indian, Rush Bouwman as Butchy, Sexy Galexy as Sexy, Jessie Frost as Rental, Alessandra Ptrovich as Car Chick, Kieran Revell as Road Cop, Ben Finger as Cute Habib, Melanie Dos Santos as Cute Toula, Kate/Elena Savtchenko as Twins, Andrew Leitch as Sleaze, Melanie Portelli as Girl, Sara Comfort as Girl, Karla Patterson as Girl, Craig Brown as Teacher, Miranda Meates as Wife, Harry Cox as Lawyer, Andrew Lloyd as Camera; Danni Scorer, Justine Scorer, Natalie Klkbrena, Nicki Whelan, & Jacinta McGhee as Cheerleaders; Saade Melki, Sebastian Litteri, THomas Marinovich & Michael Marinovich as Lebs

Sexpo Pizza

Episode 3.6
August 25, 2003

In a very special episode of Pizza inspired by Habib's dream of getting into the porno industry, Pauly and the boys visit Sexpo to recruit actors for Habib's movie.

Also: Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Serenity as Porn Star, Ron Jeremy as Porn Star, Annalise Braakensiek as Claudia, Craig Behenna as Hitler, Bruno Xavier as Gandhi, George Kapiniaris as Ronnie, Jung Le as Porn Guy, Katrina Spadone as Girlfriend, Bindy Symons as Hooker, George Nassour as Leb Wife, Chris Franklin as Dazza, Jakalene Milanovik as Shazza, Jim Webb as Big Jim, Clarissa Morrison as Leanne, Sarah Haggarty as Schoolie, Lisa McKenzie as Schoolie, Amanda Boyd as Daughter, Ben Chiliberti as German, Elemor Dearin as German

Birthday Pizza

Episode 3.7
September 01, 2003

It's Bobo's 40th birthday and the boys get him a stripper which gets him in trouble with Mama and Lin Chow. Pauly has girlfriend toubles and Habib tries to pull off a insurance scam.

Also: George Kapiniaris as Ronnie, Johnny Lockewood as Insurance, Rebel Wilson as Toula, Chris Franklin as Dazza, Jakalene Milanovik as Shazza, Katrina Spadone as Kat, Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Daniela Scala as Kylie [Daniella], George Nassour as Habib Mum, Michael Zarakas as Cinema Guy, Anna Cominos as Cinema Girl, Waseem Khan as Cab Driver, Clarissa Morrison as Janelle, Andrew James as Usher, Murray Harmon as Cop, et al

Quarantine Pizza

Episode 3.8
September 08, 2003

Bobo had previously ordered Habib and Pauly to steal some chickens to have more ingredients. When they realise that the chickens are infected and are causing fatalities to the customers, the shop is quarantined trapping Pauly, Rocky, Habib and Bobo inside.

Also: Sam Greco as Maximus, Rebel Wilson as Toula, Katrina Spadone as Kat, Murray Harmon as Cop, Sarah Haggarty as Girlfriend, Lisa McKenzie as Friend, John Mangos as News, Darryl Dixon as Dead Guy, et al

Refugee Pizza

Episode 3.9
September 15, 2003

Habib and Rocky get arrested and become informers, Toula takes over Habib's deliveries, Mama has a plan, and Pauly gets blue balls.

Also: Richard Carter as Bad Cop, Melissa Tkautz as Chantelle, Chris Franklin as Dazza, Garry Who as Gold Guy, Angry Anderson as Tattooist, Tuyen Le as Lin Chow, Anh Do as Parking Cop, Rebel Wilson as Toula, Katrina Spadone as Kat, Renzo Bellato as Leonard, Murray Harmon as Cop, Waseem Khan as Taxi, Sam Greco as Heavy, et al

Pizza Live

Episode 3.10
September 22, 2003

To protest the series' cancellation, the crew from Fat Pizza take over the SBS studios.